4. Chapter four


Chapter 4



Justin’s Point of View


Do you know people say things always get better and with time, that things will heal? After my mother was killed I thought that, that stopped applying to me, after her death I grew ruthless and began to hate the world around me. Things don’t get better, that’s bullshit. Things get worse, particularly in my circumstances.


Jack Carter.


 The next person on my hit list.


 Jack Carter is Nathan Carter’s father; he’s in the hospital because he had a heart attack around a week ago. That makes killing him ten times easier on me because it’ll just make it seem like his heart just simply stopped.


I grabbed my phone off my bed and called a close friend of mine, Zac, well he’s my only friend. He’s the only person who knows what I’m doing, a few years back his mom was also killed, they never found who did it though. He wants revenge just as bad as I do, hence the reason why he’s helping me.


“You ready?” He answered.


“Yeah, I’ll be there in ten.”




Lauren’s Point of View


I woke up to the dissonance of my iPhone ringing.


I groaned rolling over to answer it “What?”


“Good morning to you too sunshine!” Mal called loudly through the receiver.


“Mal. What time is it?”


“Seven o’clock in the morning.”


“Exactly, so why the hell are you calling me this early?” Irritation coated my words.


“Because I’m bored. So I called you.”


“Here’s an idea, okay? Take you’re ass to sleep!” I hung up the phone and took a deep breath.


That’s one thing that I really hate about my best friend. She’s an early bird. I placed my head back down onto my pillow, closing my eyes once more.


“Lauren! Mom said take me to practice!” Jess yelled from the other side of the door.


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” I groaned into my pillow incoherently. It’s merely impossible to get any sleep let alone peace and quiet around here.




Justin’s Point of View


“Be quick. Ten minutes tops. You kill him and get the hell out of there.” Zac pointed to the hospital room he was in.




I walked into the room smiling at the sight.


Jack’s eyes grew large in panic. He began wheezing and speaking words that were barely audible.


“Remember me?” I laughed hauntingly.


His hands trembled.


“I guess you do. Well I’m just going to cut right too it.” With that I took the pillow from the foot of the bed and covered his face with it, suffocating him. I watched the clock on the wall as time went by.


I put the pillow back and walked to the doorway, before I left I looked back to his lifeless body.


“Your son is next.” I bit down harshly on my jaw as I left the room.


There are moments like these where I genuinely question my sanity. Most people would feel remorse and empathy for killing or hurting someone who’s truly done nothing to provoke them in the first place. I’ve turned into a sociopath. Mimicking human emotion all though I don’t truly feel it. I’m no longer able to show empathy sympathy for those around me, I’m empty and cold hearted. And I’m completely okay with that.


“It’s done.” I spoke lowly.


Zac nodded, smiling and laughing a little.


“What the fuck are you smiling for?”


“That girl is going to hate you when she finds out what you do for a living.”


“Who?” I asked in full curiosity.




“She’s not going to find out.”




Lauren’s Point of View


I sat in my living room scrolling through social media sites on my phone. This is boredom at its finest. This is one of those days where everyone I know is busy so here I am stuck at home. My Usual.


The doorbell rang repeatedly followed by obnoxiously loud knock.


Somebody’s eager. I swung the front door open to see who it was and why the hell they were that annoying.


“Seriously Em?” I shifted my weight to one side, folding my arms over my chest.


“I have to tell you something.” Her voice shook and her hands trembled. That made me nervous.


“Em…what’s wrong?”


“Justin.. I- I saw him kill somebody.”


“Seriously? That’s redic-” Emilia cut me off to continue what she was saying.

“I know. But before you think I’m crazy or something just listen to me.” She started. “I went to the hospital to bring my mom lunch for her shift and I walked past someone’s room and…” Emilia paused for while.


“And what?”


“H-He was suffocating some guy with a pillow and a couple minutes later some nurses ran in when the monitors went off but he was already dead..” She stuttered.


I took in what she said and really thought about it. It sounded like bullshit to me but she seemed so convinced.


“I-” I was cut short by my phone ringing.




“Speak of the devil.” I said jokingly.






“Hey Lauren. Uh are you busy tonight?” Justin asked timidly.


“No, why?”


“Do you want to go out? Catch a movie or something?”


“Like a date?”


Emilia’s head jerked up when she overheard me. “Say no!” she mouthed.


“Yeah, a date.” Justin laughed.


I smiled to myself before answering.


“Yeah, of course.”


“Alright. I’ll pick you up at 8:30 then.”





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