Beauty Through Broken Glass. *Louis Tomlinson Punk/Gangster/Dark*

”You Gave Me Your Lips Lana,” He said his thumb grazing over my bottom lip. ”A Gentle Kiss, Is What Cures My Pain.”


4. Chapter Three

"I'll Rip Your Little Heart Out Cause You Made Me Cry...."
Lana's POV:

  I sat on a couch holding the see through liquor Natalie Gave me, I rejected the vodka but she shoved it in my face. Now I play with the straw drinking it occasionally but regretting it, every time.

"C'mon Lana Lets Dance!" Selina said since she volunteered to stay with me.

  I think It was only because Louis stayed as well, the inside of my chest hurt every attempt she made to flirt with him. I think it's just the vodka though. Why would I get jealous? I mean yeah he was attractive but there was no reason to get jealous.

"Please!!" She begged taking me from my thoughts.

"You go," I told her. "I'll be fine," I told her giving her a big fake smile.

"Okay," Was all she said before joining the rest of my friends on the dance floor.

  I sighed sitting back in the couch which was very comfy I could just fall asleep. I shook off the sleepy feeling standing up.

"Where are you going?" Louis Asked.

"Home,'' Was All I said before disappearing in the crowd of people.

   I pushed past everyone trying to find the exit, several guys tried grabbing me but I ripped out of there grip moving faster threw the people.  I finally got out side and took in the cool London air. It made me realize the club was really hot. I leaned against a brick wall pulling out my phone. It was 3 in the morning. I typed in a taxi's number but nobody answered. WHAT THE FUCK!

"Hey," I voice said from beside me I jumped and it was a tall figure I couldn't make out his face it was to dark.

"H-Hi" I stuttered moving away from the guy.

"What's a sweet girl like you out here by yourself?" He asked, He was standing in front of me now.

  He placed his arms beside each side of my head baricading me. "Your Really Pretty, You know that?" He said his right hand trailing up my side squeezing my hip.

  I gasped causing him to smirk, but it wipped off his face. His Cheek was red as well as my hand which stung.

"Your Gonna Regret that Doll," He said his eye's darker then before.

  He Grabbed my hand dragging me into an alley, I screamed for help but his hand was slapped onto my mouth. He pushed me against the wall and I cried out. My screams for help were muffled by his hand,"Shut Up Will Ya?"

   He started unbuttoning my shorts, but he was ripped away from me. I fell to the ground trying to recover myself, I buttoned my shorts before bringing my knees to my chest.

  Some one tried touching me but I quickly moved away from them. "Lana,"  It was Louis.  "C'mon I'm not gonna hurt you," He said I looked at him his eye's were soft, he held out his hand for me.
  I took his hand in my shaking on, he led me out of the alley and I didn't find any trace of the guy. Louis Opened a car door and ushered me in. I brought my knee's to my chest thinking about had just occurred.
    We had been driving for a while and we stopped at an unfamiliar house and my heart raced picked up. He's Gonna try and rape me too isn't he? Then he'll kill me and then through me in a dumpster so no one can ever find me.

   The passenger door opened and I scurried away from him. "Trust Me Lana," He said his voice sounding vulnerable. I looked at him, his eye's soft and weak. "Trust me," He said.

  I got out the car my body still shaking, he opened the front door and lead me up the stairs. He opened a bedroom door where he let go of my hand he opened a few drawers and handed me a jumper and sweats. "You can wear these," I nodded taking them.

   I stood there waiting for him to get out,"Oh sorry," he said scratching the back of his head. He walked out the room and i changed.

   I walked out the bedroom looking around, I walked down the stairs and heard a loud crash causing me to jump. I walked into the kitchen where Louis stood over broken glass.

"Louis Are you okay?" I asked him he ran his hand through his hair before looking at me.

"Fine," He said and started picking up the glass pieces.

"Here let me h-" He cut me off.

"No!" He shouted my eye's went wide at his sudden out burst, " I dont want you to cut yourself," He said more calm.

"O-oh Okay," I said and took some steps back from him.

   He put all the glass in the trash before looking at me, He walked toward me and my  breath hitched in my throat as he moved a strand of hair out of face. "L-Louis," I stuttered.
     He leaned in his lips brushing mine, "Are You Scared Of Me?" He asked.
  I Didn't answer. Was I?
   I shook my head,"You should be Babe,"


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