Samuel Academy

S.E.X Academy or also known as Samuel Academy was founded by Samuel Edward Xander in 1989. Thus the name S.E.X Academy. But that wasn't the only reason. The school hid a secret.

SEX Academy isn't a normal school. To outsiders and parents it was a school for the most elite, talented teenagers across America. But below is a different story.


5. Not A Chapter

Okay. So I feel like I need a few more characters. Wanna help me?


Your name:

What you look like or want to look like:

Your age between 16-20:

What grade you want to be in:

If you want to be nice or a total bitch:

And if you want to be shy and nerdy or slutty:

***Thanks my very messed up friends. :P. I will probably update again tonight or tomorrow.


-Gossip Girl

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