Samuel Academy

S.E.X Academy or also known as Samuel Academy was founded by Samuel Edward Xander in 1989. Thus the name S.E.X Academy. But that wasn't the only reason. The school hid a secret.

SEX Academy isn't a normal school. To outsiders and parents it was a school for the most elite, talented teenagers across America. But below is a different story.


8. 5

Still Tori's POV

Wait. What!

All the boys slowly pulled down their pants. I just continued to look down. "Okay, now girls. Pull down your skirts."

All the girls complained. One girl raised her hand. She had brown hair and blue eyes. "Why do we have to? We aren't the ones getting hand jobs." She said.

"Let's call this fingering class from now on." He said.

The girls pulled down our skirts and I folded mine up. I feel awkward because I'm wearing all black underwear. "Good. Now boys. Pull down your underwear" mr. Rodgers said.

The boys did and I looked up right away. "Girls! Stop looking up, and you do the same." Me. Rodgers said.

"I'm pretty sure he's just saying that so he can look at us." The girl next to me sneered. Oh. It's Bethany.

"No I'm not. Now underwear will be on the floor or you will be sent the headmaster's office." He said.

I pulled down my underwear. Thank god I shaved. Unlike most of the other girls. I just hate hair.

I looked straight at Jackson and he winked. Thankfully he didn't have hair either. If you know what I mean.

"Okay. Class go meat your partners. Boys on the tables first. Then girls." Mr. Rodgers said.

I quickly threw on my skirt but left my underwear off because I shouldn't even be wearing my skirt. Oh well. I felt awkward. "Hello fingering partner." I said to Jackson.

"Hello beautiful." I blushed.

He laid down on the table. "So I've never really done this so..." I trailed off.

"Just pump up and down." He said encouragingly.

"But that involves me touching your... Thong." I said childishly.

"Come on Tori. We aren't gonna fail because you wouldn't touch my penis." He said. I took a deep breath and nodded.

"Fine." I said. I care too much about my grades to not do this.

(A/N: okay there was an inappropriate part, but because of bitches hating I deleted)

Just as we finished then the bell rang. "Do you want to get something to eat with Cameron, Bethany, Aurora and I?" Jackson asked me.

"Yeah. Sure. But... I think I'm gonna change my shirt first. You aren't the cleanest person." I said.

As I walked out of the classroom I bumped into someone and fell to the ground.

***Who is Tori gonna bump into? Stay tuned.

Anyway, u guys r amazing! Keep commenting cause that's what keeps me writing. Tell ur friends about this story! I would but that means I would have to have friends. Lol. That's probably y I'm in my room alone all day writing. #foreveralone right?


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