Samuel Academy

S.E.X Academy or also known as Samuel Academy was founded by Samuel Edward Xander in 1989. Thus the name S.E.X Academy. But that wasn't the only reason. The school hid a secret.

SEX Academy isn't a normal school. To outsiders and parents it was a school for the most elite, talented teenagers across America. But below is a different story.


7. 4

Still Tori's POV

That Night

"Guys? I'm hungry! Can we go get some food?" I screamed.

My door opened and Cameron's head popped in. "You want all of us to go or just you and your boyfriend?" He said. Jealously. Perfect.

"All of us. I don't want things to be awkward between us because you were an douche freshman year and after 10 months of dating you cheated on me. We r roomies." I said.

"Oh... Um...i g-guess...o-ok." He stuttered.

"Great." I said, "come on JJ! Let's go!"

"JJ? Really." Jackson said.

"Yup. Your name is Jackson Jameson. I have to call you that." I said proudly, but he just put his head down and shook it while laughing.

On our way to the cafeteria, where they have the restaurants and fast food places, I heard some weird noises coming from the janitor's closet. "Guys. What's that?" I asked.

"Aw. Your like an innocent puppy or something." Jackson said while patting my head.

"Um... Don't touch my hair. And why am I innocent?" I asked confused.

"Look. The door is open a little." Cameron said.

I peeked through the crack and saw a blonde haired girl who looked about 18, giving a boy a blow job.

"Oh my god. Why did you tell me to look in there?" I asked them as we walked away.

"It would have been funny." Jackson said and Cameron nodded.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"That was Mariene Thompson. She is a junior. A total bitch and slut." Jackson said.

"How do you know her?" I asked.

"She's my sister's best friend. I hate her." He said.

"Who? Your sister or Mariene?" Cameron asked.

"My sister and all of her friends." He cleared up.

"Oh," I said to change the subject, "hey look McDonalds!"

First day of SEX Academy

So I've been through all my normal classes and they weren't too bad. Now I have the sex classes.

I already know I'm very innocent and I suck at kissing because I'm so awkward, I don't care though. I don't want to learn how to kiss, and hive blow jobs, and pole dance! I want to be innocent little Tori. But I can't. This school is too good. I need this school.

I woke up at 5:30 and ate a bowl of lucky charms. After that I jumped in the shower. About 10 minutes in I hear banging on my door. "Tori! Come on! I need to take a shower! Jackson is hogging ours!" Cameron yelled.

"Ok! Give me 5 minutes!" I screamed back.

"Thanks!" He yelled.

After 5 minutes I came out wrapped in only a towel. Cameron's jaw dropped. "You'll catch flies." I said and patted his cheek. He just stood there. "The bathroom is open now." I said walking over to my vanity. He walked into my bathroom and locked the door.

After I finished my makeup, Cameron walked out wearing nothing but a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. You could perfectly see his 6 pack and his V lines. I couldn't help but stare.

God, I miss him. Wait what? No I don't! I will only be semi friends with him. Nothing more!

"Take a picture. It will last longer." A voice interrupted my thoughts. Cameron stood there with a smirk. I picked up my purple Polaroid and snapped a picture. He frowned. "I was kidding."

"I know" I said smiling. "Now get out of my room. I only have an hour and a half to get ready."

After about 30 minutes of blow drying my hair, I decided to curl it in big voluminous curls. That took me 45 minutes.

I put on my uniform. A black/navy high waisted short pleated skirt, a white long sleeve button down shirt, a black/navy tie, and I grabbed my navy cardigan. (Looks like Ariana Grande's school girl outfit) to spice up my outfit I put on my Steve Madden Navy strappy heels.

I looked in the full length mirror and I looked hot. I checked the time and it was already 7:50. I decided I would make sure the guys were ready.

I looked in both rooms and they were both gone. They left without me. Oh well! I lolled at my schedule and I had kissing 101. Great! Note the sarcasm.

I hopped in the elevator and there was a girl in it already. She looked kind of scary. She had red hair, a lip piercing, and hazel eyes. I still decided to introduce myself. "Hi. I'm Tori Smith. What's your name?"

"Um... I'm Jacqueline Knightwalker." She said. She seemed pretty nice.

When I got off the elevator I ran to my class. It turns out I was the last one, and there was only one seat left. Next to Cameron.i sat down and smiled. Just as the bell rang a teacher walked in. "Hello Class. I'm Mrs. Howard. I will be your Kissing 101 teacher. Now, your partner will be whoever is next to you. Get to know eachother for about 5 minutes." She said.

Fuck my life."I guess we are partners." I said turning to him.

"I guess so." Cameron nodded.

"So. How was your summer?" I asked him, trying to make small talk.

"It was good. You?" He asked.

"It was fine." I said. Which was a complete lie. I spent all summer locked in my room crying my eyes out because my first love cheated on me.

"Okay class. That's enough getting to know eachother.," she said clapping her hands, "this first day I want you and your partner to just kiss. This lets call it a test drive. Now... Get to work."

I turned back to Cameron. "Are you and Jackson in a serious relationship?" He asked me.

How do I answer this. I guess I will just lie. "Yes."

"Ok. Do you think he will mind us kissing?" He asked.

I looked back, and 2 tables behind us is Jackson kissing I think her name is Bethany. She is really cute, she reminds me of a baby duck. I don't know why, because her and Jackson are totally playing tonsil tennis. "I guess not." I said turning back to Cameron.

After about a minute of just sitting awkwardly Cameron grabbed my face and kissed me. I was completely shocked. I just sat there, again. He pulled away, "wow, you suck." He said.

"Hey! You surprised me. I was in a state of shock." I said.

"Okay, well just follow my lead." He said a she leaned in.

His lips lightly touched mine, then we began actually kissing. Pretty soon our moths were open and our tongues were battling for dominance. "Wow." Cameron said. Haha! I am a good kisser!

The bell rang and I hurried to my next class. Hand jobs. Great! Even freaking better! Note the sarcasm. I don't want to touch a guys dick!

This time I was one of the first ones. And I sat down at an empty table. After all the kids piled in the bell rang. "Hello class. I'm Mr. Rodgers. Please line up. Girls against that wall, boys against the other." We did as we were told. "Okay, no we are going to get started right away. I will name your partners."

After a while he named Cameron Bell and Bethany night. Thank god it wasn't me. Then he said it "Victoria Smith and Jackson Jameson." Oh god.

Well at least I've already seen it. ;).

"Now you are all going to get to know eachother in a bit of a different way." Me. Rodgers began, "boys. Take off your pants."

***hey everyone! I hope you liked the chapter! I will try to post again Ina few hours. :). Thank you for coming up with such great characters. If yours wasn't in this chapter it should be in the next. :)


-Gossip Girl

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