Samuel Academy

S.E.X Academy or also known as Samuel Academy was founded by Samuel Edward Xander in 1989. Thus the name S.E.X Academy. But that wasn't the only reason. The school hid a secret.

SEX Academy isn't a normal school. To outsiders and parents it was a school for the most elite, talented teenagers across America. But below is a different story.


3. 1

Tori's POV

"Victoria! I have some great news!" My mom yelled from downstairs.

"You know I don't like when you call me that." I whinnied.

"I don't care. Any way. I have amazing news! Your father and I are shipping you off to boarding school..." I cut her off.

"Boarding school! Why! What did I do!?!" I yelled

"You did nothing wrong. It's an amazing school. We are trying to get you away from those horrible rumors. Here," she said and handed me a brochure, "read about the school."

After reading I found out I was actually really excited. The principal will interview me in 3 days. So right now I'm packing.

3 Days Later

"Miss Victoria Smith?" A man called. That's me! I stood up and walked into the office. He held out his hand and I gladly took it. "I'm Patrick Xander. The principal. I will ask you a few questions to make sure I made the right decision." I nodded and sat down.

"So you are undeniably pretty. So you past the first test." He said and I blushed.

I'm not really drop dead gorgeous. I have long blonde hair that hits my mid back. I have bright blue eyes, and a flawless completion. I'm thin. I'm 5.5". And I have whit straight teeth.

"Are you a virgin?" He asked. I was taken aback. But i still slowly nodded.

"Good. What is your grade point average?"

"My average is 99.7, sir" I said confidently.

"Great. Do you have any special talents?"

"Um... I sing, dance, and act, sir."

"Okay. And lastly, how old are you?"

"I turned 16 last month, sir"

"That's remarkable. You seem like the perfect student. I will give you a tour of the school and give you your key. You have 2 other room mates.

I nodded and thanked him. "Our school is a little different than most." He told me. I was confused. "This is Samuel Academy, but underneath is SEX Academy. Samuel Academy is like a normal school where you learn math, science, etc. But SEX Academy is where you will learn about yourself and others." He told me.

"So like anatomy?" I asked, still confused.

"Not exactly," he said, "you'll see."

We steppe into the elevator. It had positive and negative numbers! He pointed at each button.

Rooftop: Garden

Floor 7: Clinic and Staff Room

Floor 6: Gym (basketball and volleyball)

Floor 5: Drama Club, Art Club, Mathletes, and Dance Club

Floor 4: Math Room, and Science Room

Floor 3: French, History, Language Arts, Spanish

Floor 2: Cafeteria, Movie Theatre

Floor 1: Auditorium, Concert Hall

Ground Floor: Principal Office, Guidance Counselor, Nurse, Waiting Area

Floor -1: (girls) pole/lap dancing, stripping, shots, and flirting. (boys) body building, shots, drink mixing, and flirting.

Floor -2: Kissing 101, Kissing 202, Kissing 303, Kissing 404.

Floor -3: Sex 101, Sex 202, Sex 303, Sex 404

Floor -4: Newbies/Freshman Dorms

Floor -5: Amateurs/Sophomores Dorms

Floor -6: Rookies/Juniors Dorms

Floor -7: Professionals/Seniors Dorms

"So that's what you meant." I muttered.

"Here is your Dorm key. You are sharing a room with Jackson and Cameron. We understand that you may have your urges with living with 2 boys, but you will be expelled if you lose your virginity before Amateur year." He said as he handed me my key, "You are Dorm number 6."

Mr. Xander left the elevator and I decided to head to my Dorm.

Dorm 1, Dorm 2, Dorm 3, Dorm 4, Dorm 5, ah! Here it is! Dorm 6. I thought to myself as I counted off the dorms.

I unlocked the door and walked in. Woah! I though. The dorm was huge! I don't think this is even a dorm. More like an apartment.

I look through the rooms. I'm the second one here.

I chose the biggest room still available. It had a walk in closet, it's own bathroom, and a queen size bed! I set down the 5 bags I was dragging along, on the bed and walk into the kitchen.

When I get there, there is a really attractive half naked boy searching through the fridge. He didn't notice me. "Hello?" I said trying to get his attention.

I guess I scared him because he jumped away from the fridge and dropped the towel that was around his waist. I got an eye full.

And I screamed.

*** Really hope you liked this Chapter. I have some pretty good ideas I think. And since it's summer and I have no life. I will be writing maybe 1-2 chapters a day.


-Gossip Girl (lol)

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