short stories by BFFS

these are some little short stories to get me started here on movellas!!!


2. the little girl in the red cape

hey guys! sky here, and I just so happen to be the Scary Story QUEEN at my school. here is one of my many! XOXO


a teenager named Emma was hired to babysit a little girl named Cali on Friday the thirteenth. Of course, being 16, she was too old to believe in scary stories. When she got to the house, the parents were ready to leave. She played with Cali until 9:30, then she started to rub her eyes. Emma took Calito bed, then she asked for a sundae. Emma, being awesome, saw no problem with that, and went to the basement. when she got down there, she saw a little girl in a red cape. weird she thought. When she had the icecream, she went upstairs into the girls room. "can i have some hot fudge on my sundae?" she asked,

"Sure!" and then Emma went downstairs to get the hot fudge, when she got down there, she looked out the window, and saw the little girl in the red cape, this time, holding a knife.

Emma went upstairs, and Cali asked for peanuts on her sundae. Emma went downstairs for the third time that night and the little girl in the window was gone. "i guess she finally went home." she mumbled to herself. When she got upstairs, Cali was dead. Emma screamed and ran downstairs. In the window, she saw the little girl in the red cape holding a knife.Covered with blood.

she called the parents and when they got home, she ran to them, they asked if anyone had been in the house, and Emma said no, but she told them about the little girl in the window. "But that's impossible," explained the parents, "we don't have windows in our basement. Only Mirrors."



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