short stories by BFFS

these are some little short stories to get me started here on movellas!!!


9. The Clown Statue

A girl named Becca was hired to babysit two children named Kara and Zack. When Becca got to

the house she was babysitting at, the parents were just getting ready to leave. The parents told

her that the children's bedtime was 8:00 and that they would be home at 12:00. It was only 6:00,

so she had some time to play with the kids. Becca played with Kara and Zack for an hour, and

then they watched a movie. Kara and Zack asked Becca if she could make some popcorn, so

Becca went to the kitchen. While she was getting the popcorn, she saw a clown out of the

corner of her eye. She turned around quickly, and then she realized that it was just a statue. But

the clown statue was really starting to scare her so she called the parents and asked if she could

 move it. But the parents said that they didn't have a clown statue. Becca just ignored the

thought that the clown statue could actually be real, and sat down with the kids to eat the

popcorn and enjoy the movie. After the movie was over, Becca tucked the kids into bed, and

went back downstairs to watch tv. She had completely forgotten about the clown statue. after a

while, the thought of the clown crossed her mind, and she decided to check on Kara and Zack.

To her relief, the kids were fine. So she went back downstairs to watch tv. but Becca didn't

notice that the clown statue was gone. A couple of minutes later, she heard screams coming

from upstairs. Becca ran upstairs as fast as she could, and found Kara and Zack covered in stab

 wounds and bleeding all over. Becca ran downstairs and dialled 911, but just as someone

answered the phone, a knife flew right past Beccas head, and she dropped the cell phone. The

knife was covered in blood and a note was attached. Becca picked up the note, and screamed in

terror. The note said: Your'e next.

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