short stories by BFFS

these are some little short stories to get me started here on movellas!!!


3. One time long ago

Many stories and fairy tales start with the words one time long ago. This story... Starts like that. So one long time ago there was a girl that loved going into these woods that felt mysterious and magical. She loved being in these woods. She would always climb the trees and could stay in this magical place for days it seemed like. But one day something happened. While she was in the woods she saw a shadow coming from at the top of the trees, hiding... The girl said, "is anyone there... In the trees?"

No one replied... She said it again... Still no answer. Finally the girl turned and started to walk back home.

The next day she went back and she saw the shadow and she called, "is anyone there... In the trees?"

Every day for two weeks she came back to the woods and said the same thing. During the third week a voice said something back... The voice said, "I've been seeing you in these woods and see how much you love these woods as much as I do."

The girl said, " Can you come down from the trees?"

The voice answered, " I can but I don't like getting to far from my home."

The girl said, " You live in the woods? If you want you can come back to town with me and live with me and my family."

The voice answered," I guess I could. Thank you."

When the figure came down from the trees the girl saw a boy that had rags for clothes and was covered in dirt. When the girl took the boy home she got him clean clothes and cleaned him up and the boy lived with the girl and her family and lived happily ever after.



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