short stories by BFFS

these are some little short stories to get me started here on movellas!!!


8. In the ocean

One day a family went on their family reunion by the ocean like they did every year. They thought it was just going to be like every other trip they went on. You know, boring stories by Grandma, swimming, going on a hike on a hill. What they did every single year. But this one trip was not going to be like all the other trips. In the waters was something this family would never even think of... There was a Syrian. Now I am not talking about a horn Syrian. I am talking about a mythical Syrian. A Syrian that lived in the waters. Confusing sailors to steer their ships into rocks and sinking. So when this Syrian saw this family it thought it could have a little fun. The Syrian drew one of the kids to her and then drowned the kid but was found and killed.



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