short stories by BFFS

these are some little short stories to get me started here on movellas!!!


7. A stay with a ghost

There was a young couple who were on a long road trip. It was late, but there were no hotels nearby. They stopped at a house and asked if they could stay. It was an older couple. They had a lovely home. The two couples had a lot of fun and played games all night. When the younger couple asked how much they should pay, the older couple just said they had no use for the money. The next morning, the young couple got up early and left an envelope with some money init on the table. They drove for a long time until they reached a small town where they went to a diner for breakfast.

When they told the waitress where they had stayed, she was shocked. "Impossible! That house burned down years ago!"

the couple went back to the house after breakfast, and to their horror, all that was there was an empty, smoking shell of a burned down house. Then the wife screamed. Her husband looked at what she was pointing at. The completely unharmed kitchen table. With a new envelope on it.



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