The New Boy

A girl, Haley, had just heard that there was going to be a new boy in her class. Everyone hoped he would be cute, but when he came she thought he was hot but everyone else didn't. So she just went along with them and made fun of him but inside she wanted to be with him. But everything changed once she was assigned as his class partner.


1. info

Hello! my real name is Felicia (Felisha) this is just about me. Okay well.

I LOVE magcon, One direction, 5th Harmony, O2L, Justin Bieber, Little Mix, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, and a ton of other people. Anyways yeah I am not that much experienced with writing fan fictions so if this is bad I'm sorry. But if u like it thank you!

Follow my social medias my twitter is @magconlove1D my Mobli is @magconlove1D my snapchat is @JC_mylove my kik is @Niallers_Darling_1D my wattpad is @Niallers_Darling_1D my Instagram is @Nialler_Horun_1993 or @we_love_5_singing_idiots_1D or @Singing_is_my_passion_2001 (I have 3 instagrams lol don't judge)

If u message me on any of these I will reply I n the next 5-10 minutes I promise!

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