The Robot And Recycle Car's Visit

A recycle car and a robot learn to recycle and pass the idea on to a great many people. There is also an evil lion against the "silly" idea...

I'd like to thank my cousin Jaxon for his help on writing this.


2. Mr. Trash Lion

Followed by the spy cactus, Spicy Salsa lunged out at them, along with his ruthless master, Mr. Trash Lion. He thought the idea of recycling was horrific!

"Alert!" said Skeleton.

"Fight!" said the pirate. And they were just about to get all violent when suddenly...

Mr. Trash Lion tripped over some litter that he had thrown on the ground. He paid for messin' with Texas! He fell flat on his face!

Furious, Mr. Trash Lion turned to Recycle Man, knowing he was the culprit. Everyone watched as the two engaged one-on-one. The fight seemed never-ending, until Mr. Trash Lion slipped on a banana peel!

And then Planty Guy jumped out of his pot and began to grab Mr. Trash Lion. Mr. Trash Lion was scared, but Planty Guy just wanted to help him up.

Everyone turned as Planty Guy taught Mr. Trash Lion all about recycling. "When we recycle, the Earth is healthier, and happier!"

Mr. Trash Lion knew Planty Guy was right. He apologized and promised never to fight again against the world's greatest recycle team. Later on, he even joined them!

He was now known as Mr. Neat Lion, one of their most successful members.

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