The wind whipped through my hair. The branches clawed at my face. The rocks stabbed my feet. My heart beat out a furious rhythm. Why was it beating so fast? Oh, that’s right, I was running for my life.


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The wind whipped through my hair. The branches clawed at my face. The rocks stabbed my feet. My heart beat out a furious rhythm. Why was it beating so fast? Oh, that’s right, I was running for my life.

I was in the middle of nowhere, in the woods to be precise, and I had no idea where I was going or what I was looking for. Maybe a road, or perhaps a house? Anything that could save me from this psychotic man chasing after me. I didn’t even know why he was chasing me. Was it that he thought I was pretty? I laughed bitterly to myself, it was probably because I watched him murder an innocent man. Yep, that was it. I watched him murder someone. I was being chased by a murderer and I was most likely next on his list.

As I was caught up in my thoughts, my bare toe caught a fallen branch on the ground and I tumbled forward. Something sharp sliced open the skin on my arm. I screamed in pain and grabbed my arm, my hand slickening with blood. I looked behind me panicked, I couldn’t see the man, but I could hear him. And he was getting louder with each second that I sat here.

I scrambled to my feet and continued running as fast as I could. Suddenly, I spotted a plume of smoke. Hope pooled inside of me. If there is smoke, there must be a chimney. And if there is a chimney, there is a house. And where there’s a house, there must be people. People. I just had to get to the house and then I would be safe.

I willed myself to run faster. I reached the house in less than a minute. I looked behind me as I came into the gravel driveway of the house. The man was nowhere to be seen. I ran up the front steps and pounded on the door.

Where the heck are they? I asked myself. I kept banging on the door until somebody opened it.
“Please, you gotta help me! Somebody is chasing me! And- and they had a knife. Call 911!He’s- he’s still out there and he’s coming here after me! You have to help! P-please!”

“Oh dear, come in side, quick.” The curly haired man said, his eyes widening in fear. Then I realized that not only am I in danger, I just put this man in danger along with me.

“I-I’m s-sorry.” I sobbed. I couldn’t tell if I was sobbing because I was scared or because I was safe. For now.

“No, don’t be, it’ll be alright.” He said trying to calm me down.

“You have to call the police, that man is-“

“Let’s just wait and see what he wants.” He cut me off staring out the bay window.

“B-but, he’s gonna find us, he’s gonna come in here.”

“I said it will be alright!” He suddenly yelled at me, “Now stop crying!”

I let out a startled cry and put my hands to my mouth. Oh, dear, what did I get myself into? I followed the man’s gaze out the window and saw the murderer running towards the house.

“Ah! That’s him! That’s the man! He’s com-“

“What did I tell you?” He growled cutting me off.

The man outside bounded up the steps, opened the door, and walked right inside, barely out of breath.

“Louis, what the fuck?” The one with curly hair said, “How could you be so stupid? Leaving a witness?”

“Like I knew she was watching! And it’s not like I let her go to the police, now is it?” What I assumed to be Louis said.

The curls ran a hand through his hair, “What are we supposed to? Keep her here? What if somebody finds out?”

“Well, I don’t know, Harry.  Lock her away in the basement or something. Keep her quiet. She is pretty hot though. We could have some fun with her.” Louis said.

“There’s nobody around to hear her screams,” Harry smirked, he turned to me, “Come with me.” I didn’t move.

“I said come with me!” He boomed causing me to flinch away from him. He grabbed my arm and drug me towards him.

“No!” I yelled in protest and kicked out at him.

“Now, now, dear, don’t do anything stupid.” Harry said.

I ignored him and continued lashing out at him. “Let me go!”

He turned me around so my back was to his chest and he wrapped his arms around my chest pinning my arms down with a painful force. I tried to scream out but his grip pushed the air out of my lungs. I gasped for air, forgetting that I was trying to get away from him. All I wanted - all I needed - was some air in my lungs again.

“Harry, loosen up, you’re choking the poor girl.” Louis chuckled sitting himself on the couch.

Was this really funny to them? Kidnapping a young girl and torturing her. I think it’s sick. But after Louis spoke, Harry loosened his grip on me. I gasped.

“So fragile, I like it,” Harry whispered in my ear.

“Please, I just want to go home.” I whimpered, giving up the fight.

“No can do, Princess.” Harry said.

“Why not, why are you doing this?” I cried.

“Because, dear, you’ve seen too much.”


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I know this chapter is short but I promise the next chapter will be longer, I just wanted to get the story started.



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