Take My Breath Away

My entry for "THE FAULT IN OUR STARS" competition


1. The scan

She clutched onto the scan. Everything looked perfect. As perfect as a two dimensional, black and white photograph of a baby trapped inside a body could look. 

Grace felt as though she already knew her son. As though she'd already shown him the world. Taken him on walks. Introduced him to the family. And yet...

She had come to realise that no matter how many times she looked at that picture, seeing her son for the first time as a real form would be so different. And as she felt him move inside her, she knew that that time was so close. 

With each agonising movement, she only clutched at the photo harder, driving her nails through the resilient paper and scrunching it more. 

She didn't want to destroy him. Her son. On the paper he was her everything. All she had ever known of him was in that scan, apart from the violent bouts of morning sickness. This was him. And yet, if she didn't want to hurt him, she would have to let him go. She couldn't do that either. This child was the most precious thing to her. She couldn't lose him for a moment. Even though for the last nine months he had been inside of her. 

With a final chaotic twist and a rash breath, her son was with her. Hand delivered like the plate of sausages she now so craved. She had done it. He had done it. The waiting, as she examined him over the large mound of her belly, was all worth it.

He was perfect. Perfect formed feet led to beautifully sculpted legs, connected to an unblemished body, fragile arms and an untainted face. He was perfect in every way. As beautiful as a child and more than she could every have imagined from the photo. 

He was perfect. But, he was also not breathing. 

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