Our Guys

-So my brother deleted all my books so this one is starting from the beginning! Maybe it will be better, who knows? But I hope you enjoy it, thanks :)-

Chloe Nicole and Alexis. Browning have been best friends since as long as they can remember. They're both 18 but Alexis (Alex) is only a few months older than Chloe.
But one things so sure, they both love One Direction to pieces!
Alex has fallen for the green-eyed curly, Harry Styles, whereas Chloe took a particular liking to the brown-haired comedian, Louis Tomlinson.
When they end up in the same hotel as the boys things start to get wild and who knows, maybe they'll even become more than friends...?


1. Chapter One •Chloe POV•

My alarm screeched, making a horrible 'beep' 'beep' 'beep'-ing sound.

My mum says it gets me up, I say it just starts off my day really badly! 

Other than today, nothing can make today seem bad.

Today Alex and I are going to London, we're booking our hotel and then going to see 'One Direction' preform at 'Wembley Stadium' for their 'Midnight Memories 2014 Tour' in two days time. What's more, with a little help from Tumblr, we found out that we're staying in the same hotel as the five beautiful boys (nine counting the 'Five Seconds Of Summer' lads).

Long story shot, Al and I couldn't help but scream when we found out. I was all packed and ready to leave. I'd picked out a nice outfit that consisted of a pair of, black, skinny jeans, a white baggy shirt and a pair of black knee-length boots. I set these out neatly on my bed before grabbing two towels (one for my hair and the other for my body) and getting into the shower...


I got into my black Mercedes, the doors opened upwards other than outwards. After I had started up my car I began to drive to Alex's house. 

I pulled up outside and saw Alex saying goodbye to her mother and farther, who where looking after her two black cats (Smokey and Luna). She gave them one last kiss before getting into my car, she gave me a hug. She wore a blue, long-sleeved, crop top that read 'Geek' in white writing and black skinny jeans.

'Ready, babes?' She asked, I nodded - confidently. 

'As ready as I'll ever be!' I replied before I began out journey to London.

The car journey was nothing special, we talked about the concert and what we where going to do in the week we where in London, this consisted of 'Fan-girling', 'watching movies' and 'being lunatics'. We also plan on going to the 'London Eye' even though we've been on it a thousand times before (despite my fear of heights). Living only an hour (by train) or two hours (by car) from London kinda meant that Alex and I came up here often, meaning we'd almost seen everything!

I pulled up in a parking space that was close to the entrance of the hotel and Alex and I got out.

It was a five star hotel which explained why 'One Direction' and 'Five Seconds Of Summer' where staying here.

'Got everything?' Alex asked before shutting my boot, I nodded,

'I hope so, I packed two or three suitcases!' Alex laughed as I took my bags and we made out way to the door. We both walked up to reception to pick up our keys,

'Morning...' The guys behind the counter said in a full and unhappy voice.

'Good morning!' Alex and I chirped,


'Its under Nicole.' The man looked at his computer before typing a few things.

'Nicole - Alex and Chloe?' We both nodded before he handed our keys to us.

'Floor three, turn right and number two-hundred-and-seventy-three.' The mans frown turned into a smile, 'Have a nice day!' We both nodded and thanked the man before going to our room...

It wasn't long before we had unpacked and making our way down to have some dinner.

'Chloe, look!' Alex squealed an pointed towards the VIP section, my very confused place was soon replaced with a very excited and happy face.

There, sitting in the VIP section where red carpet had specially been made, One Direction sat. Laughing and eating, talking and joking. They where flawless.

Harry's perfect curls.

Liam's bright, happy, smile.

Louis' bright blue eyes.

Niall's perfect cute Irish laugh.

And Zayn's dark brown eyes that could captivate anyone or anything.

Next to them sat the one and only 'Five Seconds Of Summer.'

Harry looked our way and gave us a friendly smile, we smiler back before I believe he winked at Alex. I turned to Alex who seemed to be blushing like mad at the sight of Harry winking.

'You alright there?' I teased, she stuck her tong out at me,

'At least my favourite noticed me. I mean, Louis' just sitting there paying attention to the other members of the band.' I looked over and sure enough she was right.

Louis was sitting there laughing, messing around with his fellow band members (and 5sos).

'Whatever...' I snapped.

We grabbed our food and sat down....

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