The Slurgs Association Society for Slurgs of Prestige.

Are you a slurg?
Do you have prestige?
If yes is your answer, I welcome you to the SLURGS ASSOCIATION SOCIETY, known as the SAS by its staff and students.

Nobis auxilium in via ad magnitudinem Slurgs.
(We aid Slurgs in their path to greatness.)


3. The Slurg Association Society Song

This is the official song of the SAS. When it was first released, it flew straight to No.1 on the charts, and became a Global hit. Slurgs everywhere were singing it, and now you can too! 


(To the tune of 'I know a song that'll get on your nerves')


We are Slurgs and we have Prestige,

We have Prestige,

We have Prestige,

We are Slurgs and we have Prestige, 

And this is our hit song! 


(Repeat for as long as you like.) 


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