One Night Alone

Elizabeth-Taylor Carson was just a normal girl like you. She went to school, hung out with friends and had a great job as a flight attendant for LAX with her best friend Amiee. Then everything changed when she was booked to fly with Them. It was suppose to be a job, nothing more and nothing less. But then HE set his sights on her. And made it very clear, HE wanted her and HE was gonna have her. One night he said. Just one night alone with him and that would be it. What was suppose to be a fling turned into much much more.


1. Prologue

It wasn't suppose to be like life wasn't suppose to turn out this way. my face plastered  all over the magazines, paparazzi following me to work, sitting outside my fucking house? School isn't even safe, one snuck into my damn class and addressed me in front of everyone!. HE promised he would protect me, HE promised none of this would happen. HE promised it would just be one night and that would be it, that it would get this far. But he lied. He lied to me. Anger coarsed through my vines as i threw down the stacks of magazines  had my face plastered on the covers "Elizabeth-Taylor Carson- the luckiest girl ALIVE " one read. Another read "Elizabeth- The Girl that Tamed Hollywood most UNTENABLE GUY" My eyes shifted to another magazine that had a granny picture of me and him. One that been on every gossip sight, gossip news channels even the lawn of my childhood home...It was me and my boyfriend- i use that term loosely- having sex on top of his car over looking the San Fernando valley. HE said we were alone. Yeah, HE said alot of things.Standing up i kick the stacks over and fall on top of my bed. I feel the tears coming but i fight them back. I cant be mad at myself or even as much as i want too. I cant be mad at him. I knew what i was getting into eight months ago. Eight months ago...I wasn't the new "It" girl. I was a nobody. I attend school, I study art history,  I had a normal job. Now that i think about it, it was my jobs fault that i am where i am right now. If i didnt take that flight, none of this would have happened.  No one would know me. Taking that job ruined my life. It brought him to me. The Worst and Best thing that has ever happened to me. It brought HIM my boyfriend, Harry fucking Styles to my life. I guess i should take you back to how all this came to be. But first lets back up to Eight Months Ago, ok?

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