Justin Drew Bieber , football captin , most popular guy in the school . Girls practically drool all over him . he can get any girl he wants , but maybe thats not true since new girl Brittany Busch arrives ? and rejects him on the spot ! lets just say this will be one long school year .


1. Brittany Busch

Hey guys , Im Brittany (: 

Im a Sophmore at Fivay High School in Clearwater , Florida . 

It is so beautiful here , the water is crystal blue and its always sunny . I love singing and dancing and writing music . 

I honestly hate jocks , there so annoying and ignorant and full of themselves . 

So here is a few details about me ! 

* Singer

* 17 years old 

* single pringle (:

* i play volleyball and basketball 

* Im trying out for X Factor in like 5 months (: 

* I Hate liars 


But there is the basics i have to go eat dinner , see ya !

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