Eye for an Eye

Foxy and her family moves from Pasadena, Texas, to a small town near New York City. When Foxy meets her new neighbors, things start to happen. Mysterious sounds in the night, a creepy figure in the night and much more. Eye for an Eye is a short-story about intrigue, the real-life horrors and a web of lies.


5. Small People

Foxy was lying on a table in an elegant dining room. The windows were covered with red curtains, beautiful carpets in all colors were on the floors, paintings that was probably worth millions of dollars. A big plasma TV hung on the wall. Never in her whole life had Foxy seen anything like this, not even on the pictures she found on Google after having searched for rich people's homes.  

"Here's some ice for the foot," Jessica said. She put a big, cold bag of ice on Foxy's foot. "I'll have to drug you to ease the pain." 

Foxy opened her eyes. "Wait, why?" she almost yelled. 

"You don't want to feel the pain, do you?" Jessica said with a rather strange look on her face. "Do you?"

"Hell no," Foxy said with a small smile. "Just... just do it, please."

Jessica walked down the basement stairs, found an old doctors' box with a red cross on. She took it to the dining room, opened it with a key she had hanging around her neck. "Rather odd, but rather practical," Foxy thought. Foxy tried to keep her thoughts out of her head. They'd been speaking to her all day. Literally. Jessica found a huge syringe.

"My moms a previous doctor, but..."

The words were cutting and sharp. Foxy began to regret getting help from Jessica and Hazel. 

"I think I should go to the hospital, actually.." Foxy said.

Jessica turned around. "Absolutely not," she said with a smile that said hi-I'm-a-maniac.

"What do you mean?" Foxy asked. She was pretty sure she knew the answer.

"Isn't it obvious?" Jessica asked with a sad smile that was obviously faked. "Are you really that naïve?" 

Hazel walked down the stairs. "Are you gonna do it now, mom?" she asked with an exciting jump.

"Do what?!" Foxy screamed. "What is it you're gonna do to me?" 

Jessica waved her hand. "Find the video camera," she demanded. "I need to make sure this time." Jessica walked towards Foxy's head. She looked at Foxy. Something about her seemed off. Very off. Everything about this whole situation was off. All of a sudden she took something that was hanging under the table. It was a belt. She quickly strapped Foxy's hands. 

Foxy was screaming. "What the hell are you doing?" she yelled. "Why can no one hear me?"

Jessica tightened the belts around Foxy's wrists and ankles. "The walls are soundproof." She went over to the window and made sure it was locked. "Do you really want to know what's going on?" 

"Yes!" Foxy screamed.

Jessica sat down on a chair. "Well, you see, it all started with my husband, John, Hazel's dad. He was hit by some poisonous explosives in Afghan," Jessica explained. "He's sick. The doctors say that it is impossible to cure him, but I know that you can. I've been experimenting with the new residents in New Haven. No one would ever suspect the perfect housewife. The poor housewife who lost her dear husband to the evil in Afghan." She smiled broadly. "I would have experimented on both your mom and you. That was why I sent Hazel over to invite you back in. We have installed cameras all over your house. We saw when your mom and you fought. That was why I sent Hazel over to have you come to my house, where we would poison your food and afterwards experiment on you. I see your mom enjoyed the wine we gave her, eh? We didn't want to hurt you the first night. Actually, we would have hurt you when you delivered the basket, but some people take ages to finish sweets like that. When you broke your foot you gave us the perfect opportunity. It was too easy, but now it's happening. We're so close to solving the riddle. Thank you so much Foxy. It was a pleasure knowing you, but now you have to face reality. You're taking your last breaths now. Enjoy them."

A bump sounded upstairs. "Hazel!" Jessica yelled. "Get down here with that camera." It got quiet. "You can't be serious, you bitch!" Jessica stomped upstairs. She looked behind her with a sharp look. "Don't even try to escape."

When Jessica was out of sight, Foxy tried to unstrap the belts, but it was impossible. She slowly began to cry. Tears were floating down her cheeks. She regret that she ever fought with her mom. She couldn't believe that was why she was gonna die. A simple fight. 

"What are you doing here!" Jessica yelled. "No, stop!" Another bump sounded. It sounded like a dead body falling to the ground. All of a sudden Foxy heard steps on the stairs. When she saw the person, she couldn't believe her eyes. She began crying even more.

"Are you okay, honey?" Lyan yelled when she saw Foxy on the table. She ran to the table and unstrapped the belts. 

"How'd you know I was here?" Foxy asked.

"I heard your screams," Lyan answered. She didn't look completely drunk. "I only went here because I no longer heard your screams and because I was worried for you."

"But, how'd you get in?" Foxy asked. Tears were snaking down her cheeks. 

"The backdoor was open. Amateur mistake." Lyan answered. "And no, I didn't kill them. They're unconscious." She helped Foxy get down. "The police are on their way. I already called them." 

Foxy looked at her mom. "I'm so sorry mom, I'm so sorry about all the pain I've caused in this family." 

Lyan didn't look at Foxy. "It's not your fault, it's mine." She looked at the blinking lights in the distance. "Do you want a new start without serial killers?" 

Foxy smiled nervously. It was the first time in a long time she'd heard her mom make a joke. "New start it is."

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