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1. Chapter 1

I can't believe that today is the day. All the hard work really paid off. I feel unknowing feeling rush through  out my whole body. This is how it feels like going to college. I just can't believe it. I look at my mother. I could tell she's trying to hid herself from crying. Not from sadness but, happiness.

" I can't believe it Lyric. You are going to college. I finally know that all my hard work finally paid off. All my screaming and yelling. " I couldn't help but smile. My mom tried her best to look really good today. She put her long black hair in a high ponytail and put on a little makeup on. Just some eyeliner and hot pink lip sick. She doesn't have to put on mascara because her eyelashes are already think, full, and curly. It isn't straight as some people's are. She is also wearing a crop white crop shirt with a picture of two girl laughing and underneath the picture is a phrase that says, " Life is to short for bad selfies." she also has a white undershirt underneath the crop shirt. One thing that I love is her green neon jeans. It just looks amazing.

" I'm so exited mom. I don't know what I feel. I don't know what to do. I feel like this is a big step in my life." I say smiling. And I'm not lying. My mom flashes a smile and says," I remember having to deal with your farther crap and also push you in your education. Your dyslexia really took a hold on you when you where younger. I remember when you where a first grade reading level in forth grade." My mother proclaims. I feel kind of embarrassed of her bringing that up, but yet again It's the truth.

I look at the door knob. Once I open the door to my dorm I know that I will have to push everything to it's side and work but butt off if I want to live well. I clench my shaky hands onto the door knob and slowly push it away from me. When the door opens the only thing I could do is gaze in amaze. The place is beautiful  but small. There are two king size beds. One on the far end and the other closer to the door. The beds both have five black pillows neatly arranged on the head of the bed and a furry white blanket covering the bed. The floor seems to be made up of black marbles but because of the sun that is hitting the window on the far end it makes the marbles shine a streak of white light. The walls are white. Cleaner than any wall I have ever seen In my life. The whole room seems like a modern black and white bedroom. This is something that I would never have expected and thanks to my aunt and her husband helped pay for it since they have a really great business.

"Wow." I hear my mom say. I am so speechless by the work of art done in this dorm that I couldn't even think of the right words to say. I see a small door in between the beds which seems to be the bathroom and I see a girl walk out. She is a really tall and skinny girl with light brown wavy hair and such a soft and delicate skin that you would be afraid of touching it thinking it will brake. She has a type of glasses on. I don't know what It's called but I see a lot of people wear it so I just call them hipster glasses. She isn't wearing anything that made her stand out. Just a grey short and a white shirt with it's sleeves cut off. I guess that's also a new style. She turns around and looks really shocked to see us but that stockiness is over come by happiness.

"Hello! My name is Cherry Valentine. Your name is Lyric, correct?" She asks in a really polite manner. I nod and she continues," Sorry I was so shocked to see you here. They told me you would be here in about an hour. I was going to get ready and try looking a bit decent." I am kind of shocked when she says that. She seems so nice and sweet and her voice is so soft it's like when a mother is singing a song to their child.

"You already look good." I try saying in a soft voice but I end up doing it in my normal voice.

"Thanks. This is your sister. Am I correct?" She asks looking at my mother. My mother and I both laugh.

"Oh no darling, I am her mother. " My mother says smiling and shaking her hands. Her face flushes red of embarrassment.  " I am so sorry. You just look really young to be her mother."

"Thanks." My mom replies then adds," I will be going out and looking around this campus. I'll come back at noon." She says then leaves us alone. When  my mother is out of our sights Cherry begins to speak," I'm so happy I moved to a new dorm. My old roommate was a mess."

I feel shocked about how she starts to talk to me about that but reply saying," How?" Then Cherry takes a deep breath in and starts to talk," This is my second week here. When I first came here I had this horrible roommate. Her body was filled with tattoos and she would bring guys in OUR dorm. If you saw her side of the dorm. I can't even explain how messy it was. Clothes of the floor graffiti all over the wall." She shivers just by remembering the thought.

I make a soft laugh and tell her," Well I know I'm not messy and I am the kind of person who wouldn't ever bring a guy in OUR dorm." When I said our it felt right. I automatically knew we would become best friends. If not friends.

"Do you like Starbucks?" She asks me. My head jerks when I hear the word Starbucks.

" I love Starbucks more than life." I accidently say. She laughs. "Would you like to get some before I show you around campus?" I nod. Starbucks is not that far from the dorm. It's about a ten minute walk but I don't mind since I do want to loose weight. When we get into the building the line consists of about 39 people but it goes by fast. When it's almost our time to order Cherry asks me what do I usually get and I tell her the Carmel Frappuccino. She tells me she usually gets  a Vanilla Frappuccino. I tell her that's my mom's favorite. When we order we go to the waiting line and I see someone busily on their laptop. I feel all the color in my face drown away from my face. I wasn't expecting to see him here.

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