elisa is trapped in her life with an acoholic mother and abusive father along with bullies in her school
when she decides to runaway no one cares
she meets a mysterious boy with jet black hair with red streaks wearing a ripped t-shirt and jeans
she recognises him from somewhere
will ashe find out who he really is


6. the morning after

elisas pov

i woke up to the sound of dogs barking and cars screeching

today was my first day as a runaway its great

even though i hadnt planned this far ahead i knew sort of what to do i was going to busk with someone i didnt know who but i knew i had to do something

sonics pov

i had left school hours ago it was 3 o'clock in the evening and i have decided to track elisa i cant lose her not after last time shes my sister and i care about her especially after her stepsisters death her parents hate her and now theres no one to protect her from them.

a/n im so sorry that this chapter is so short but i havent got that much time due to doing my gcses in september


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