elisa is trapped in her life with an acoholic mother and abusive father along with bullies in her school
when she decides to runaway no one cares
she meets a mysterious boy with jet black hair with red streaks wearing a ripped t-shirt and jeans
she recognises him from somewhere
will ashe find out who he really is


3. an offical runaway

when i got into my dads car he didnt speak to me all he did was glared at me

''why the hell did you have to get yourself beat up i had to leave work as soon as i got in i got a call from your school that something had happened''he shouted at me

when we got into the house he slapped me so hard across the face it left a huge mark

another injury to add to my collection

in school i tell my teachers that i fell or did something stupid i couldnt let them know the truth

later on sonic called me on the house phone my dad aswered it and shouted up to me

''hey little cow why is someone calling you ''

i said nothing

''you told him didnt you ''he screamed as he stormed into my room he then slammed me against the wall with a tight grip on my neck

luckily i brought up the courage and kick my dad in the shin

''you little bitch ''he let go of me and i ran and had already got a bag packed i grabbed it and jumped out of my window and ran into the forest behind my house and kept running until i could no longer see my house . i was now offically a runaway.


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