Three new strangers

They came to the village seeking to help out and in the end they helped out in more ways then one.


1. Chapter 1


The mist gave no signs of letting up anytime soon. The only sound was a dull thunk as their feet made contact with the branches. Their shadows were very faint on the ground as they made their way through the trees. 

"Were nearly there" They sped up, even though they had been traveling for 3 hours they had not once stopped for rest as this was an emergency and the hidden leaf village had requested their immediate attention. The village would soon be in view so they slowed their pace. As they entered the village they noticed the lack of guards. They headed towards the Hokages building and along the way they also noticed the broken buildings and trashed streets filled with rubbish. 

"What happened here?" A young girl with brown hair, blue eyes and a black cloak covering her body from view said as she walked around a burning trash can.

"I don't know" A young boy with blonde hair, blue eyes and the same cloak as the girl said as he watched the other girl closely.

"It's not important were here only to help" Another young girl with blood red hair, green eyes and the same cloak as the other two muttered. They continued to make their way through the village in silence until they came to the Hokage tower.

"Were here now lets go in and get our mission" The redhead said as she made her way inside followed soon after by the others. As they walked in however two ninjas jumped out at them with kunai knives at the ready.

"Calm down we are friends" The redhead held up her hands and then showed them her hat which had a mist village symbol on it.

"Oh your the ninja the elders sent for okay then follow me" The young ninja nodded then followed the Jounin to the elders.

They opened the door and let the younger ninja inside and then closed the door behind them.

The young ninja turned around to see two old people staring at them.

"Great we ask the mist village for help and they send us a couple of children to do the job for us" The old lady yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Calm down and I'm sure that the mist village had a good reason for sending these young Genin to us" The redhead had a vein popping out of her head

"Um excuse me sir but we aren't Genin were Chunin thank you very much" The redhead had a small smile on her face after watching the two elders look at each other then back at the children. 

"Really you lot are Chunin already?" The children nodded then the brown/red head stepped forward

 "We've already completed 4 B rank missions and 2 A rank so I guess you could call us one of the mist villages best" the brown/red head said smiling.

"You've completed 2 A ranked missions already?" The old woman said as she looked through the scroll that the blonde boy gave her. 

"Yeah and we have just killed a man that was on the bingo book, I think his name was Joenan Langlers" Both of the elders gasped and then turned around to talk in silence. They soon turned back to the children and then asked

"What are your names?"

The brown/red girl said "Oh my name is Saya Kyudo and this is Amaya Isamu and Marco Wagasa"  The elders smiled but then the meeting was disturbed by a loud blonde who came bounding in with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey there Grandma and Gramps!" The loudmouth blonde had his hands behind his head when everyone turned around thats when the blonde saw Amaya and pointed a finger right at her and yelled at the top of his lungs

"ITS GAARA!" Amaya stared at him with no expression.

"um no this is Amaya she's from the hidden mist village" The blonde stared at the elder for a second then back at Amaya

"No I'm sure its Gaara but just using my sexy no jutsu and wow has he mastered it!" Amaya had a vein popping out on her forehead and both Saya and Marco knew what was about to happen

"I'm NOT THIS F@*#king Gaara that your talking about my name is Amaya Isamu" Then she lost her temper.


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