The luckiest girl in school

This story is about a girl that becomes niall horans girlfriend. sorry it's horrible but it was my first one


1. New School

My name is Lilly, and my best friend is Matilda. It was our first day of high school.

We both started the same school.

It was time to go into home group to find out who was in our home group. Once we got to home group we sat down and Matilda and I started talking.

I looked up and saw two very hot guys walking into the class. As they sat down I looked to Matilda and said "hey check them out" the blond hair one cough my attention more. Matilda replyed with "the guy on the right is hot, the curly haired one. The teacher introduced herself and got everyone to say there and one think about them self.

Everyone had a tun except the cute guy and I. He said "my name is Niall Horan, and I'm Irish. Lucky last it was me, I started off with "ummm hi" feeling nervous. I continued by saying "I'm Lilly and I love music" as I said that you see niall looking at me and smiled.

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