My new life

Hi my name is Lauren. I am 16 years old. I live in Ireland. My mam and dad passed away when I was 14 so I've been living at home by myself for 2 years. I love One Direction.

One day I went for a walk and met someone on the way to the shop.

Who will it be? Is it her favourite band? Read to find out more.


4. Chapter 4

Niall's P.O.V

After Lauren got sick blood I was so worried. But when the ambulance came and the paramedic said she would be okay It put a smile on my face.

The paramedic asked who was getting in the ambulance with her I said I was and so did Joe but Lauren told Joe to stay and that they should continue with the game and that she would be fine so I went with Lauren in the ambulance and the boys drove walked back to Lauren's house to get the car and then go to the hospital so we went to the hospital.

When we got there I was told to wait in the waiting room because Lauren has to have a scan on her stomach to see what happened. After a few minutes the boys came in to the waiting room and sat beside me. We talked a bit and then the nurse came in and said that Lauren wanted to see us.

Lauren's P.O.V

When I was done the scan the nurse wheeled me back in to my room. I asked her if my friends could come in. She said yes and that she would have my results back in a few minutes.

So the boys came in and they hugged me. They asked me if I was still in pain I said yes but not as bad as it was. I asked them if they got noticed by any fans. They said ya but it wasn't to bad.

After a few minutes if talking the nurse came in with results. I asked her if it was good or bad she said it was all good news. So I asked her what the good new was and she said that there is nothing wrong with me and that I can go home and have lots of rest. So I asked her why I was puking up blood and she said that it was just that she kicked my really hard in the stomach. I said okay and she walked out of the room.

I got out of the bed and went to my football (soccer) bag that the boys brought me and got my Ireland Jersey and my grey sweatpants out of my bag. I asked the boys to get out of the room and they did. When I went to take of my hospital gown my stomach started to hurt really bad again. So I put my arms down and held my stomach and walked over to the nurses bell and rang it.

A few minutes later I heard Niall tell the nurse that I was getting changed then the nurse said that I rang the bell for her to come to me so she came in and she saw my holding my stomach crying again. She asked me if I was okay. I said no that my stomach hurts really bad again. So she asked me to just sit on one of the chairs beside the bed and she also told me that I should have someone helping me get dressed. She asked me if she should help me or should she get one of the boys to help me so I told her to get Niall to help me.

So the nurse went out and got Niall. So Niall came in and he saw me crying he asked if I was okay I said no that my stomach really hurts and that the nurse said that you have to help me get dressed. He laughed and said okay.

So he helped me out of the chair and she took off my hospital gown and he stared at my boobs so I said Niall my face is up here and he blushed so I laughed. So he helped me get dressed and we went out to the boys. They hugged me and I winched they said sorry I said it's okay and we went to the car.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Skip Car Ride~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When we got home I sat in the couch and so did the boys. I was about to ask the boys what they wanted to do but I was intruded by my phone ringing. I answered it and it was Erin:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Phone Call~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(E-Erin and L-Lauren)

E- hi

L- hi

E- are you home from the hospital

L- ya I'm just home did you's win

E- ya we won by 4 goals and 6 pints

L- that's good what are you doing now

E- well were all in coaches house and were in the pool if you and the boys want to come over but bring swimming gear.

L- okay will be over in 15 minutes bye

E- bye

~~~~~~~~~~~~End Of Phone a Call~~~~~~~~~

Boys would you like to go to my coaches house and have a pool party I asked them. Niall said no you have to rest so I said that my stomach is fine now so can we go he said okay let's get changed.

So we all went in to are own rooms and got changed I put on a neon pink bikini with pink short shorts and a white crop top over it I grabbed a bag and put a towel and sunglasses in it and grabbed my phone and went down stairs to the boys there already. Niall whistled and I blushed really hard I probably look like a tomato.

So we got in the car and went to the party.

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