My new life

Hi my name is Lauren. I am 16 years old. I live in Ireland. My mam and dad passed away when I was 14 so I've been living at home by myself for 2 years. I love One Direction.

One day I went for a walk and met someone on the way to the shop.

Who will it be? Is it her favourite band? Read to find out more.


3. Chapter 3

Niall's P.O.V

When Lauren came home we played spin the bottle. When it was my turn to spin the bottle it landed on Lauren I was nervous because I have a crush in her. Lauren's eyes went big I asked her if she was okay she said she was and we both leaned it to the kiss. It was magical I felt sparks.

When we pulled away we looked in to each others eyes. After a few minutes Louis asked if we wanted to stop Lauren said ya and asked us if we were hungry I shouted yes. Everyone laughed.

So Lauren went in to the kitchen and made dinner for us. When she was done she called us and we ate pizza and chips. When we were finished eating we watched Paranormal Activity 4. And anytime Lauren would get scared she would cuddle into my chest.

When the movie was over Lauren showed us our rooms we didn't have to share rooms because Lauren have 5 spare rooms she had a big house. When u got to my room I shouted Goodnight out the door and everyone said Goodnight back.

After that I went to my suit case and changed in to a pair of navy sweatpants with no t-short on and went to sleep dreaming about the beautiful Lauren.

Lauren's P.O.V

I was woken up by my alarm again I looked at it and it was 9:30am. Then I remembered that my final was today. So I went and had a shower washed and shaved myself. When I was done I blow dried my blonde hair and put it in a pony tail and put on my football (soccer) boots, socks and my Ireland Jersey and put my black vans on my feet.

When I was done I went down stairs and made breakfast for the boys and I when I was done the boys came downstairs and said good morning I said good morning back and gave them there breakfast.

When I was finished mine I told the boys that I would be back in a minute that I have to get my football (soccer) bag. So I went up stairs and put grey sweatpants, gum shields and football (soccer) boots in to my football (soccer) bag.

I grabbed my phone and purse and I looked at my phone to see what time it was it was 10:30 so I went downstairs and asked the boys if they were ready to go. They said they were and we went out side and we decided to walk because it is warm and the pitch isn't that fair away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Skip Walk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When we got to the pitch we ran to the dressing room so no one would see us. When we got to the dressing room my friend Erin was there and the rest of the team and my coach Joe was thee too. When they saw the boys there eyes went big they all looked like they were going to scream so I told then not to scream or do anything just stay calm.

So they did as they were told and went back to there seats and started talking to there friends again. I went over to Joe with the boys following me I asked Joe were I'm playing and he said I'm in midfield and he give me my jersey.

I told the boys to turn around because there was no bathroom in the dressing rooms. Harry said no with a smile on his face so I turned around and took off my Ireland jersey and put it down I went to pick up my Dee Ranger jersey but it wasn't were I put it so I went to pick up my Ireland jersey but it wasn't were I put it.

I heard the boys laugh. I turned around with my hands on my chest and saw my jerseys in Niall's hands I went to grab the jerseys but Niall put them up higher I went to grab it again and my face was right in front of Niall's face. We started to lean in but then coach came in and asked me if I was ready I stepped back and said nearly.

Coach went out of the room with the rest of the team and started to warm up. While I stayed in side with the boys. I went to grab my jersey again but Niall put it up higher and laughed at me and so did the boys. I said please to Niall with a puppy dog face but he said first you face to kiss me on the lips so I did what he said and he kissed back.

When I pulled away Niall give me my jersey and I put it on and put my boots on and got my gum shields and put them in my mouth and walked outside with the boys behind me. I walked over to coach and I told the boys to go stand on the side line. So they went on the side line and I went to coach to do my warm up. When the warm up was done the ref came and we started the game.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Skip First Half~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We were winning by 3 goals and 4 pints. The game is nearly over. There was 10 minutes left when my marker go the ball I went to tackle her but she went to kick the ball but mist the ball and kicked my stomach. I fell to the ground in pain holding my stomach. Tears were rolling from my eyes. My marker keep running for the ball and the ref followed her not even seeing me on the floor.

Joe (coach) came running over to me. He asked if I was okay. I couldn't answer my stomach hurt that much so I just cried harder because the pain was getting worse. Joe called for the ref to stop the game. So the ref did and he came over to me and asked me were it hurt by now I calmed down but was still crying and I said my stomach.

At this point the boys were beside me and so was the team. Joe felt the middle of my stomach and I screamed in pain. Niall got down beside me and tried to calm me down. So I calmed down a bit but then I felt this hot stuff going up my throat so I went to put my hand on my mouth but before I could I got sick on the grass but it wasn't normal sick it was red it was blood. I look at Niall he had a worried face and he was looking at the boys who also had a worried have.

I started to get the pain in my stomach back I told Niall and he said that Joe is calling the ambulance now. I nodded and waited for the ambulance.

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