My new life

Hi my name is Lauren. I am 16 years old. I live in Ireland. My mam and dad passed away when I was 14 so I've been living at home by myself for 2 years. I love One Direction.

One day I went for a walk and met someone on the way to the shop.

Who will it be? Is it her favourite band? Read to find out more.


1. Chapter 1

Lauren P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm going off I look at it and it's 7:00am. I get up and get dressed in to a pair of black leggings and a pink crop top with a smiley face on it. When I was done getting changed I went down stairs and looked in the fridge. There was nothing in it. So I went up stairs and got my iPhone 5s and my purse. I put on my with vans and went down to the shop.

When I was at my granddad farm a car pulled up beside my and put its window down. I stopped and looked at the car it was a range rover. I looked in the window and couldn't believe my eyes it was Niall and Harry from One Direction. I was screaming in my head but I didn't scream out loud or they would think I'm a weird fan.

Niall's asked if I was okay and I said yes in a shy voice. Harry said there is no need to be shy we're just normal boys. I said okay and asked them if they were okay. They said they're looking for a Lauren that lives on the street. I started think and there is only one Lauren on the street and that's me there looking for me. I said to them that there is only one Lauren and that's me.

They said that I was picked out of a draw and that all of One Direction get to stay with me for 6 weeks but only if I was okay with it. I started screaming in my head again and said to them that I was fine with it and who entered the draw for me. They said a Fiona and David entered the draw for me. My eyes started to water. Niall asked me if I was okay I said I was it's just that Fiona and David were my mam and dad but they passed away 2 years ago. They said were sorry I said it's okay.

I told them that my house was at the top of the road and it is the only blank and White House on the right hand side. They asked me if I wanted a lift I said no I have to go to the shop and I give them a key to get in to my house.

So they drove off and I started walking to the shop again and I got all the stuff I needed. I payed for it and made my way home.

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