Black Booty

Elimina an average every day girl runs into a boy who goes on a journey with her like no other along the way Elimina Discovers she is no ordinary girl. Elimina will face sirens, beasts, family and more along the way for what started as running away turns into getting involved with a war. Will Elimina beat all the monsters and win the war and still yet survive you'll have to read to find out if she does and not to mention the sad ending.


4. The journy begins


After a few hours of hiking up the mountain I had shivers climbing down my back then I spotted a hut.

"We're here," he said to me as he started to knock on the door. I was thinking no one was home until the door opened and stood there a man I could of sworn I've seen him before.

"Come, come now, it's rude to lurk in hallways," The man had said. So we walked in and the boor went straight to talk to him so I decided to take a look around while I was waiting.

"Ahh, Elimina there is someone I want to introduce you to even though you already know him," Tom said a bit shy


As I walked up to the man I could see that the man had been through so many things just by looking him in the eye.

"So you want to know where to find Black Booty's treasure, well lets see, to get there you need sail to the sea of monsters there in the middle you'll see a cave where only one must enter to get the treasure of Black Booty but be warned monsters and critters await your arrival so travel with care," he informed us. "Oh and Elimina I was a friend of your father, in fact I was there on the day he went missing and I feel so sorry for your lost," The man explained.

"Thank you, do you mind if we stay the night because it's getting fairly dark outside," I asked politely.

"But of course you can," he answered back.

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