Black Booty

Elimina an average every day girl runs into a boy who goes on a journey with her like no other along the way Elimina Discovers she is no ordinary girl. Elimina will face sirens, beasts, family and more along the way for what started as running away turns into getting involved with a war. Will Elimina beat all the monsters and win the war and still yet survive you'll have to read to find out if she does and not to mention the sad ending.


6. Siren and the trap


 Night had fallen so we got ready for bed

"What had happen with your father?" tom asked

"Hmm, it was the day the war ended my father had went out to celebrate with mates and someone had stabbed him, at least that was what I was told but I have never believed that, I believe that he is still alive espeasilly seeing as no body was ever found," I explained to Tom

"I'm sure he is," tom replied then we both dosed off.

As the night went on we had entered the sea of monsters, I had woke up and walked to the side sea sprinkling on my face and that's when I saw something so I ran over to Tom and woke him up

"Tom, Tom, wake up there is something out there," I told him so he got up and took a look and something was there then Tom decided to turn the boat around towards it.

"I think I can hear singing," I said to Tom But when I turned to look at him I saw a siren beautiful may be but she had Tom under her power I had to snap him out of it so I ran towards the siren and pushed her away from him and grabbed a bucket of water and splashed Tom with it.

"Thanks," Tom said as he came back down to earth but then we both fell as we crashed up against the shore where there was a big gate stopping me from getting in.

"I'm going in," I said with out thinking and started to head towards the gate but Tom stopped me by grabbing my arm as it was a trap and a large cage had came crashing down just missing me and to think I could of been caught in that. 

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