Black Booty

Elimina an average every day girl runs into a boy who goes on a journey with her like no other along the way Elimina Discovers she is no ordinary girl. Elimina will face sirens, beasts, family and more along the way for what started as running away turns into getting involved with a war. Will Elimina beat all the monsters and win the war and still yet survive you'll have to read to find out if she does and not to mention the sad ending.


9. Death


Hours past and I still hadn't work up but when I eventually did everyone had went home so I got up and walked down the street in pain and when I looked down an ally I saw Tom being threaten by Mrs Roseworthy and as she shoot the bullet I ran in front of Tom pushed  him away but I didn't have time to move and I fell to the ground with blood pouring out. Mrs Roseworthy ran away but Tom stayed and called for help but no one came.

"Tom, I,I,ahh," I cried in pain and just before I closed my eyes we kissed

I died that day and my death ended the war it ended everything but what it did do was break my poor Tom's heart and he never forgot me and I never forgot him. My story lives on till today and forever more for I am Black Booty the girl who died saving someone and fought in a war I didn't know why but I do know I fought for freedom and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

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