Black Booty

Elimina an average every day girl runs into a boy who goes on a journey with her like no other along the way Elimina Discovers she is no ordinary girl. Elimina will face sirens, beasts, family and more along the way for what started as running away turns into getting involved with a war. Will Elimina beat all the monsters and win the war and still yet survive you'll have to read to find out if she does and not to mention the sad ending.


5. Beast


In the morning we had finally left to head to a village where we could get a sea worthy boat.

About an hour had passed and there has been only silence like the day before


"What the hell was that," I screamed

"Run," yelled tom and started running for the city

"It's getting louder," I yelled to tom who was far a head

Then something leaped out at me it was huge, hairy, with big pointy teeth and had eyes that were as dark as night

"GRR!!!" it had said to me

"TOM" I yelled Tom turned around to see the beast closing in to eat me and he started running towards us

"Hay , you leave her alone," Tom yelled at the beast as he through a stone at it and it ran off. I sat up slowly in shock.

We walked the rest of the way not talking and  I could not get Tom off my mind and then we finally got there. We walked around to see if we can find a boat shop and we did. So we brought there best boat and took it out to the ocean and started it up and then we headed for the sea of monsters.

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