Evil Inside {h.s} [Coming Soon]

❝April, I have to keep the evil inside and hidden from the public eye.❞ _____________________________
© 2014 LiterallyLucas


1. ••Prolouge••

I left all my family and friends, my whole life is behind me now and I doubt any of them will even look for me.

Well maybe her. Even though I never asked her, I know she had feelings for me but I couldn't stay near her, or anyone in fact.

I would hurt all of them if I didn't keep my distance.

My head is pounding and my pulse is racing. I can't control the feeling inside me. I don't want to do it but I have to, the voices tell me to and I know they're right.

I paced back and forth in the dark alley, trying to decide what to do.

Should I? How would I do this? I probably won't get caught, right?

I finally decided and went up the back steps of the building. Once I found a flat on a higher level, I entered.

All the lights were shut off but I could still see fairly well.

I opened two bedrooms but none of them were occupied with people. When I opened the third room there was a man laying on his bed, he was sleeping.

Kill him

The voices shouted in my head.

I approached the bed slowly but the man didn't wake up. By the time I had reached the top off the bed the man began to awake. I turned on the lamp on his nightstand to help him see better. He seemed paralyzed with fear for a moment and I took it as an opportunity to clamp my hand on his mouth to prevent him from yelling.

He looked at me with fear in his eyes and I loved that frightening feeling I brought to him.

No one knew about this side of me and I don't plan on letting them find out.

I pulled out my pocket knife and held it to his throat.

Then I realized if I was to live on my own I would have to have money.

"I'm going to take my hand off your mouth, but don't scream because I swear I won't fucking hesitate to kill you."

I took my hand off his mouth and he obeyed. What other choice did he have anyways?

"If you give me all of the money you have here, I just might consider letting you live."

"O-o-okay." He stuttered

I hate stuttering.

After I put my right hand on his wrists and the other on his neck, he led me to a wardrobe. Behind all the clothing, there was a black safe. He told me the code and I released the hand I had on his neck to unlock it.

Woah, that's a lot of cash.

The man must be wealthy because the apartment is large and modern and all the money in that safe.

"Anything else?" I asked

"T-t-there's a w-wallet in my nightstand with m-money in it." More stuttering.

I opened the drawer with the one free hand. I threw the wallet, which seemed to be packed with money, on the bed.

"A-are you going t-to let m-me g-go?" he stuttered, for the third time, at almost a whisper.

The voices kept shouted in my head what they had been saying all along.

"Where's your family or friends?" I said, completely ignoring his question.

"I don't r-really have f-family, no kids o-or wife, a-and I don't k-keep in t-touch w-with the o-others."

So no one to miss him or even try and look for him?


"I might have let you live, if it wasn't for that horrendous stuttering habit. Consider this a favour."

I pulled out my knife from my back pocket.

He started squirming but I held a firm grip on him.

"No! Please! Don't --"

I slid the knife across his throat and I watched as the scarlet blood spilled out.

The man's lifeless body landed on the floor with a thud as I released him.

Doing this made me feel so alive. I felt like I was full of power, having the fate of someone's life in my hands, all up to me.

Whatever I wanted to do, if I just played my cards right.

This is the start of my secret killing career.

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