Hacked My Heart

I had just moved to Chicago with a new look on life. I thought life would go easy on me but it hadn't. My new invention couldn't impress anyone. I lost my home. I had nothing. We'll I thought I didn't. That's before I met a man that could just hack my heart.


3. A New Beginning

Adam was horrible! How could he ever betray me like that? He loved me for two years and just one day, decided to hate me. It was like a romance movie but the love doesn't win in the end. It was more like a bad nightmare.

We met two years to the day. I was enrolled in medical school and he was on the football team. It was a chilly December day like today. If I didn't hurry, I was going to be late to class for the first time ever. It was hard to breathe with the cold air stabbing my lungs.

The further I walked, the more I worried I was going to be late. For a good amount of time I was running. Then I finally saw the top of my building. A feeling of relief went through me.

But just as I started walking again, this huge kid came running and knocked right into me. I fell over and he landed on top of me. I tried pushing him off but he was too heavy. He kept starring at me.

He snapped out of his trance, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! Here let me help you up."

With the strength of ten men, he pulled me up. He didn't even strain with the weight of my 20 pound book bag.

I bumped into him and for a second, hugged him. It was awkward but I didn't really care. He was so handsome and kind. I couldn't help but stare into his sky blue eyes that started into my hazel ones.

"No, it was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going. I was just heading to my building. You see, I have class in two minutes. I'm enrolled in medical school."

I could feel my cheeks turning hot. It was embarrassing, especially when he smiled back.

"Well, we can't be late to class, can we? I'm Adam by the way. See you around?"

I never had a boy like me. Let alone one that was as handsome as Adam. I was always the nerd in the back row reading a book. I did go to prom with my crush but he left me for another cheerleader. I had been single for three years.

I couldn't help but stutter. Eventually I muttered,"Yeah. S-sure. See you around."

I was in love and late for class.

I remember our first date was at the new grill on campus. It served just about anything you could ask for. One person ordered a whole thanksgiving meal behind us.

After that we went to a midnight movie. No matter how much I debated, we watched a scary film. But he was strong and held me the entire time. By the end of the night, he spent every dime he had on me.

Now I'm on a plane flying to Chicago to see my parents. I'm all alone with nothing but my phone and broken heart. A broken heart that could never go back. One heart that can't be fixed.

My flight was estimated to take about four hours. So four hours of babies screaming. Old people asking constantly for things they can't have. And the sleepy people having a good dream while leaving everyone else deaf from their snoring.

But I left Adam and a horrible life behind. I had enough credits to graduate months ago. I'll just contact the president of the college and ask them to send my degree in the mail. I'm sure they could do that to one of their best students.

I took my phone out of my pocket. My book was in my bag and I've already looked out the window twice.

When it finally turned on, I saw that I had three unread messages. One was from Adam. He sent a picture of him making a pouty face with "I'm so sry baby! Come back!"

It seemed sweet. But then I saw something in the back round. I squinted and was able to make out the girl he was having an affair with. She had a condom in her left hand and handcuffs in her right.

A good ex girlfriend would delete the message and cry about it. Seeing that I was on a plane full of people I couldn't cry. So it seems like a good time to go on Facebook and Twitter. I'm sure Adam wouldn't mind a few more girls at our house.

His house. It's his house now.

The other two messages were from Nicky. Nicky had been my best friend when I lived in Chicago. She was so nice and she listened to everything you had to say. When she had Jackson, she called me and asked me to be the godmother. She did the same thing when she had Lena.

We always pretended to be doctors when we were little. It was so fun pretending to save the life of a teddy bear or a doll. We promised when we would grow up that we would both go to the same school no matter what.

But one day, she got a little too feisty at a party. She ended up being drugged and raped by her boyfriend. That is how she had Jackson when she was only fifteen.

I qualified for a scholarship but she didn't anymore. It made me sick that our childhood promise had been broken. I actually cried for a day. When you make plans for twelve years and one day they're crushed, it breaks you in return.

Nicky got her life back on track and even got married. But the marriage broke up when they found out she was pregnant with Lena. Since then, she has been living alone. The only people she has is me and her older brother. I haven't seen him since Lena's baptism.

'Hey belle!!!! How you doing? Brother taking us to Pawnee. Remember when we went as kids?'

I did. We went fishing twice a year during the summer. Our families rented a small cabin on the tiny man made lake. She would catch these huge trout fish while I was lucky to catch a thing. Then we would go to the big amusement park down the road. There I would win the biggest stuff animals while she won a goldfish. It was so much fun packed in a few days!

But her next message was a bunch of nonsense. It looked like she had just butt texted me. I hope it was.

So I text back, 'I'm doing good! Pawnee?! I could've came! But I should say that I'm on a plane right now coming to see you. Maybe I could see you tomorrow?'

I put the phone down and closed my eyes. After what felt like a second, I got a reply. But when I opened it, it wasn't Nicky.

'Miss belle your friend was in an auto accident a few hours ago. She is in critical condition. She is at rampart hospital room 234. Ask for me, Dr. Deary.'

Critical condition?

Today was a new beginning for me but today might be the last one for Nicky.

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