Foster Care

Well life's been hell for Dakoda.

She's been in the system all her life, looking for the right place and people to adopt her and just all in all trying to find her place in the world.

Never did she think her place would be in a flat or touring the world with one of the biggest bands ever, even if she doesn't know who they are.....


9. Something Happened

Ashton's POV

We all pile into the car and drive to where ever the interview is held. I know where it's held I just forget what it's called or who it is.

I glance at Koda and Luke through the mirror but I keep focused on the road so I don't, yeah know. Kill us.

There not looking of talking to each other..... Like at all..... Did something happen?

I'll have to ask Luke because I'm sure Koda won't tell me. Girls are tricky like that. When they want to hide something they'll hide it and they won't let you figure it out in till they think they can trust you. And that could take forever. Girls are weird that way.

Guys are much more easier to tea then girls. With girls it's like a whole other world and with guys it's easy English and normal.

I shake my head. What'er. I'll ask Luke.

"Hey! I've got an amazing idea!" Calum shouts from beside me and I flinch at how loud he is.

"Jeez can you be any louder?" I ask and just as he's about to open his bout to answer me I say, "Don't answer that."

He pouts but then grins. "How about we play eye spy!"

"How about we don't and say we did?" Michael grumbles from the back seat as he crosses his arms and slouches down. Both Koda and Luke are looking out there windows.

"Well screw you Mikey. Your no fun." Calum rolls his eyes before looking at Luke.

Luke glances at Calum before shaking highs head. "Oh hell no. Calum I love you like a brother but I'm not playing eye spy with you. Nuh uh. No way."

Calum groans. "Ash-"

"Not gonna happen my Kiwi friend." I cut him off.

"I'll play with you Calum." A sweet voice asks from the back and my eyes automatically go to the source.

"Yes! You all suck! Well, all of you except Koda." He yells and I smack his leg making him yelp and glare at me.

"Okay you go first Calum." She says smiling at him and he beams back.

"Okay I spy with my amazing Kiwi eye..... Something that is red." He says and Koda looks everywhere for something red.

"Is it.... The stop light?"


"That hummer?"

"Nuh uh. This is easy but your a girl so, you gotta try hard." Then he snickers and I snort while rolling my eyes at his lame pun.

"Idiot." Michael says and Calum stick his tongue out at him.

"Um, Michael's shirt?" He asks as Michael looks down at his shirt.

"Nooooo." He says then smirks in Luke direction.

"Um, how about my nails?" She asks confused as she shows her hands and I silently chuckle.

"Jesus. Do you give up?" Calum funky asks and she sighs nodding her head.

"Yes damn it! Tell us already!" Michael shouts causing Koda to laugh.

"It's Luke's face. It's just so red for some reason. Lukey, why's your face red to begin with?" Calum asks and I see Koda look away and back out the window as she plays with her fingers.

Yeah something happened.

"That was a really long ass game if you ask me." Michael states sitting up more so now he's taller then Koda.

"What are you complaining about? You didn't even play." I say as Calum and Koda laugh as Michael flips me off.

















After a couple more really boring rounds of Eye Spy we finally come to the interview with 20 minutes to get ready.

We all pile out if the car as flashes and shouts and questions are thrown at us from every direction. Koda gets out and stops I her tracks with wide eyes, she looks like a deer in headlights.

I walk over to her and put my arm around her shoulders and I smile at the fans.

"Who's that?!"

"Are you dating her Ashton?!"

"She's very pretty!"

"What's her name?!"

"She's a slut! Look at her clothes the damn whore is gonna give them all STDs!"

I see her flinch at that and I rub her back seeing her face fall as more insults are thrown at her.

"Hey! Don't listen to them. There all jealous at how beautiful you are." A random girl says smiling at Koda who smiles at her through teary eyes.

Koda then jumps away from me and hugs the random girl and hugs back.

"Thank you." Koda says and the girl tells her it's okay.

I lightly tug on her sleeve and we keep walking towards the doors, me standing beside on her left and then Michel joins onto the right side and Calum behind and Luke in front. We're kinda like body guards. I feel so macho right now, wait, no never mind.

We make it inside and I see that Koda looks like she's gonna blow away in tears.

Just because one person said something nice to her doesn't mean that it will wipe away all the negative things said about her.

"Boys! Over here!" Our stylist Chloe shouts waving us over to her.

We all go follow her to our dressing room and she throws outfits at us. Well, not full out fits. Just like a shirt for Calum and a new pair of pants for Luke and so on.

"Hey. Who're you?" Chloe asks and Koda shy's away from Chloe's piercing blue eyes.

"I-I'm Koda." She finally whispers and Chloe nods her head.

"Well that doesn't tell me why your here now does it?" Chloe says putting a hand on her hip, her blonde hair curled and pined back. Her smile looks super fake and that she wants Koda gone from earth.

Time to but in Irwin. "Chloe. This is Dakoda. We're fostering her."

Chloe looks taken back but then gives Koda a sickly sweet smile that's as fake as a plastic bird. Koda smiles back.

"Nice to meet you Dakoda." Chloe says and I can hear the mocking in it.

I guess Koda can to because when Chloe turns around her smile turns into a scowl and I bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Koda look at me and smiles and I return it.

"Oi! Fucktards! Your on in 10!" A random guy yells at us.

I'll ask Luke what happened after. When no ones looking, I kiss Koda's cheek and rush off with the other boys leaving her standing with red cheeks.

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