Foster Care

Well life's been hell for Dakoda.

She's been in the system all her life, looking for the right place and people to adopt her and just all in all trying to find her place in the world.

Never did she think her place would be in a flat or touring the world with one of the biggest bands ever, even if she doesn't know who they are.....


12. Run Faster.

Okay hello.

Hi how you doing.

I'm Abbigail and I like zebras and baby kangaroos.

This app is pissing me off.


"I have a question, it's been bugging me all day. I just have to ask." Ashton says out of the blue as we all look at him confused.

At the moment, well before Ashton so rudely interrupted we were all watching The Avengers. Calum on my left, Ashton on my right, Michael on the love seat and Luke's on the floor because Michael's an ass and won't share the love seat with him.

Michael pauses the movie. Thankfully. It's one of my favourites and if I have to miss it because Ashton's curious about some random thing then he's gonna die in his sleep.

Just saying.

"And what's that?" Calum asks raising an eyebrow.

Ashton looks at me then down at his hands as his gaze scans our faces and lands on Luke then looks down again sighing.

"Well, ever sense this morning....." He looks up at Luke. "You've been acting weird," Then he looks at me. "You to. I just want to know..... What the hells going on?" He finally asks and Luke's eyes are wide.

Well fuck me.

"Well I'm gonna go get my phone." Luke says jumping up quickly.

He dashes up the stairs and all gazes go to me.

My face goes red.

"I have to go bathroom." I say and run into the bathroom. The way out of this. Sorta.

I shut the door behind me and I sit on the closed toilet seat. No way in hell am I gonna explain this morning to them.

After a few moments, there's a knock on the door making me jump. I go over, unlocking it and Luke slips in.

He shuts and locks the door turning to face me.

I look away from him.

"Are we really gonna tell them?" He asks and finally look up to meet his red face.

"Well, yeah. There not gonna stop asking till we tell them." I say shrugging my shoulders.

He sighs running his hand through his slightly messed up hair. "Right."

"Hey uh are you both in the bathroom?" I hear Michael ask from the other side of the door.

I unlock the door and come face to face with a slightly smirking Michael. I narrow my eyes at him before walking back into the living room and taking my place next to Ashton.

He looks at me confused and I sigh. Luke comes back and sits back down on the ground.

"Hey that's my spot." Michael whines as he sees I'm in his spot.

Oh well. He got up.

"So someone tell me please." Ashton says looking between Luke and I.

I groan. "It's embarrassing though."

Ashton wraps his arm around my shoulders and I lean my head on his shoulder.

"Oh it can't be that bad." He says chuckling.

"Okay, well remember when you first actually met me?" I ask Ashton as the others watch us confused.

Ashton blushes a little but nods his head. "Yeah. Kinda hard to forget."

I roll my eyes but continue anyway. "Well, it's kinda like that..... But, it was Luke instead, like the positions switched."

"Wait, you saw Koda naked?" Luke blurts out and all eyes widen.

"What?! No! I never-" Ashton stops mid sentence looking at Luke then at me. "Wait you saw him naked!?"

I bet if you put me beside a tomato then we'd be matching.

"Why?" I ask Luke. "Might as well tell them everything now." I throw my hands up at Luke who's probably as red as I am.

"Wait. When did you see Luke naked?" Calum asks.

"Well the other day when I went to have a shower, I went in and the water wasn't running so I went in and I shut the door behind me...... Just then the curtain opened....." I say scratching the back of my neck.

"And you saw a naked Luke. Right?" Michael says smirking.

Ashton glares. "Shut up Michael."

"Calm down Irwin. It's not like they kissed or anything. She just saw his dick, so what? It's not like she's not gonna see one in her life." Michael says snickering along with Calum.

"Um well." Luke says and I add him a warning look. But he's an ass and ignores it continuing on talking. "About that...."

"What the fuck did you do now Luke?" Ashton asks and Luke opens and closes his mouth.

"I-I well, see. It was. I didn't mean to. I-it just, you know. Happened." He stammers out looking worried and upset. All in all embarrassed.

"Wait, so you did kiss her? While you were still naked?" Calum asks raising an eyebrow.

I sigh. "Might as well add more gas to the flames. Your forgetting a part Luke."

"What? Did you give him a blowjob or something?" Ashton asks looking pissed and upset. Mostly pissed.

I shake my head. "What the fuck? No, I've never given a blowjob before. Jeez." I roll my eyes.

"No I didn't get head morons. She just, didn't have a shirt on. That's all." Luke mumbles and they all gape at us.

"You wanted to know." I add before anyone could say anything.

"Okay. So you went to have a shower and Luke ended up being in there and he kissed you naked and took your shirt off? What, were you planing on having sex with him in the bathroom?" Ashton blows up making me flinch away from him.

"N-no, it's not like that." I say in a small voice.

I'm not gonna lie, Ashton's scary when he's pissed.

He stands up glaring at me. "Like hell! Then oh please enlighten me on how it is like." He sneers at me and I bite my lip to keep in a sob that's dying to break through.

I feel my eyes well up with tears. "I went in, and I took my own shirt off-" he cuts me off.

"Oh so you started it all? Why doesn't that surprise me?!" He snaps.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I ask, trying to gain some pride back.

"It means I know why people don't want you." He snarls and my eyes go wide as tears fall down my cheeks and drip off my chin.

The boys gasp at what Ashton said and the sob breaks through.

Before anyone could say or do anything I grab my shoes that are by the door and run out the door and down the street as fast as I can, trying to not bump into anyone as my eyesight is blurry from the tears.

I hear someone shout my name but that just makes me run faster.

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