Foster Care

Well life's been hell for Dakoda.

She's been in the system all her life, looking for the right place and people to adopt her and just all in all trying to find her place in the world.

Never did she think her place would be in a flat or touring the world with one of the biggest bands ever, even if she doesn't know who they are.....


13. Hill.


Okay so here's the chapter for this story....

I'm sorry that I'm taking forever with the updates and stuff I deeply apologize.

But I'm kinda searching for a porcupine also.

So enjoy this chapter!!

Love you guys!!



Koda's POV

I rip open the big iron gate as fast as I can and I ignore the yelling after me as I just keep running. I don't care ow I must look but I just want to be away from Ashton- from everything.

"Koda! Stop please!" The voice gets closer and I push my self to run even faster then I was in the beginning.

No, no, no!

I see an opening and I rush towards it. I go threw the gate and climb up the hill. Holy shit didn't see a hill here before but that's besides the point.

I get to the top and I take a breather.

I feel someone grab my arm and I scream and push them away while pushing myself away which isn't the smartest move on a hill.

I scream as I cover my head with my hands as I fall down the hill, hitting so many rocks and bumps and bushes.

I can feel the scrapes and I can taste blood in my mouth as I continue to scream.

"Koda!" I faintly hear someone yell my name and I finally come to a stop in some water.

Water? Where did water come from? What the actual hell?

I try to push my self up but cry out as I look at the huge open gash on my palm and it goes down my wrist and arm.

I don't even realize that I was crying so badly till I taste the blood mixed with my salty tears.

I don't realize I'm being lifted off the ground till I look up to see Calum ok sing my close to him.

He looks down at me with a frown and a worried look.

"Shit Koda are you okay?" He asks and I groan in pain.

"Well obviously your not." He mumbles to himself as he climbs up the hill.

We go down the hill slowly and once at the bottom I try to get down.

He gently sets me down and I wince as I out pressure on my leg and a whole new set of tears spring to my eyes.

He picks me up again and holds me close to his chest as we continue to walk. I silently cry against Calum's shirt and we ignore everyone's stares as we walk down the road.

"Calum," I whimper out and he stop automatically and looks down at me. "people are staring." I mumble and he sighs, pushing a piece of my hair out of my face.

"I know and right now I don't care." He tells me as we keep walking.

I nod my head slowly and lean it against his chest.

We come up to the house and I try to get out of Calum's grasp again.

He gently sets me down again but keeps one hand on my arm and the other in my waist so I don't fall over if I do.

I try to get away and shake my head at the house before me and tears go down my face. "No- I- I can't go back in there." I cry out and Calum looks really worried as people stop to see what's going on outside the gates.

There is a big gate surrounding the yard so people can't get in. You know like paparazzi and fans and all that snazzy crap.

"Koda come on please." Calum says trying to pull my towards the door and I finally get out of his grasp and fall into the cement and I cry even harder.

I hear the door open and fee coming our way.

"Dude what the hell?" I hear Michael ask Calum.

"It's a long story. But she won't come into the house now." He says sighing. I look up at him threw blurry eyes to see him run a hand threw his hair and I only notice Luke and Michael out here.

Luke walks towards me and crouches down in front of me. He smiles softly. "Hey, come on inside. Please Koda?" He asks gently and I look behind him to see Ashton standing behind him and my eyes widen as I scramble to get as far away from him as possible.

I shake my head as tears go down my cheeks and my whole shirt is soaked from my blood, water and my tears.

Ashton steps closer and I whimper. I cover my head and sob into my knees. "Please don't hurt me I'm sorry- so so sorry."

I'm shaking like a leaf and I'm petrified that he's going to beat me.

First the voice raising. The small hits are next then the pushing and then the full on beatings daily.

I hear someone sigh and I feel arms wrap around me and they pick me up and I scream and cry to get out of there grip.

"No- please I'm sorry just let me go! I'm sorry it won't happen again! I promise!" I cry out as I'm thrown over someone-Calum's- shoulder as I see the other three boys looking really worried and confuse and a little scared.

Scared?! Why are they scared?! I'm the one who's going to get beat! Not them.

Maybe he'll just put me out of my misery and kill me quickly.

I cry as I dangle over Calum's shoulder hitting his back with my smaller fist.

He brings me to the living room and sets me down on the couch and before I can even think of getting up and -pointlessly- trying to get out he sits beside me and holds me in place so I can't get away.

They've taken the beatings to a whole new level.

Luke and Michael come in and sit across from me sharing a look.

I hear a noise at the door way and my head snaps up to see Ashton walk in with a water bottle and a towel.

He then sighs once he sees me, my brown hair all bloody Nd forty and all over the place.

My shirt ripped and teared. My leggings ruined completely and my skirt that was over it is totally ruined also.

He goes to sit beside me but start shaking my head and move so in on Calum's lap and I hid my face in his shirt and I can feel all there confused gazes on me, like burning a hole into me.

As if they keep staring at me long enough they'll finally figure it all out.

Well that's not gonna happen, now is it?

"Um Ash? Why don't you go do something else...." I hear Luke ask and I peek my eye open to see Ashton staring at me with an emotionless expression and it scared me more then anything.

He doesn't even say anything, he just gets up and rushes up the stairs and it's silence for a minute before a door slams shut loudly throughout the house making me wince.

"I'm sorry." I mumble out again all there eyes go to me again.

"What do you mean? Why are you sorry?" Calum asks me gently.

He moves so I'm facing him and I bite my lip to keep from bursting into tears again.

"I'm sorry I'm crying so much and that I ran out like that, I understand why Ashton said that I'm so sorry." I choke out before sobbing into my hands.

I feel Calum's arms around me tighten and he makes soothing sounds in my ear while holding me close.

"You know what, why don't we get you all cleaned up? Yeah?" Calum says and I nod my head weakly.

He then slowly moves me off him and I grab onto his hand so he doesn't leave me.

Ashton could come out any second and beat me.

I cling to him and watch the other two over my shoulder as they send me sad looks.

He pulls me up stairs to his room and pulls me into his bathroom.

"Sit," he tells me as I sit on the counter. He then pushes my hair out of my face and looks over all the scratches and bruises on my face.

"Well that looks bad." He mumbles and I frown.

He gets a cloth wet and begins cleaning around the cut on my cheek. "This ones pretty deep. Well deeper then the others."

I wince as he touches the cut and he sheepishly smiles. "Sorry."

I sniffle and look everywhere but at Calum.

He pulls back after a moment and the cloth is really bloody just from my face.

"You should have a shower or even a bath. There to much dirt and blood." He says and I nod my head lookin around confused.

He notices this because he smiles. "Shower in here, I'll go get you clothes." He says and I nod my head.

He leaves the room and I sigh staring at my reflection in the mirror.

It was all going so good.

Them he had to snap and that made something in me snap and now I'm petrified of everything. Everything but Calum.

That must be because he's the one who chased after me.

I take my ruined clothes off and I choke on a sob as I see how bad it really is. Blood everywhere.

Like its dripping down my body now that there's nothing blocking it.

I quickly get in the shower once I see that there's blood on the ground from me.

I rinse my hair out and I clean my body as much as I can without crying out in pain.

I use the wall for support so I don't fall over or anything like that.

I hear the door open and I begin to panic but I stop when I hear Calum's voice.

"Hey I brought you clothes. Just change and I'll wait for you." I nod my head even though he can't see me.

The door closes a second after and I turn the water off. I peek my head out and grab the towel off the rack and dry my body off.

I hiss in pain a lot as the fabric runs against the cuts and bruises.

I change into my shorts and tank top along with my under clothes.

Oh thank god Calum got me a bra. I'll take it off before I fall asleep.


Where the fuck am I going to sleep? Maybe I can sleep in Calum's room on his couch or something.

The blood is out of my hair and I out it up in a messy bun. I walk out and hold the wall for support.

Calum hears me come out and he drops his phone and rushes to help me. He bring me to his bed and sets me down on it.

"I'm gonna fix you up now, okay?" He asks and nod my head and he runs into the washroom and gets stuff.

He comes back out and searches for any little cut that could get infected.

After hissing in pain a bunch of times he's done.

"And last but not least. The one on your cheek." He says and puts a little bit of ointment on his finger and dabs it gently on the cut first earning a hiss again from me.

He smiles and rubs it in better and I sigh as I feel it go a little numb.

"Better?" He asks softly and I nod my head. I lean against Calum and welsh my arms round his torso and his go around my shoulders.

"C'mon lets go get something to eat." He says and I nod my head.

He gets up and keeps a hand around my torso so I don't fall on my face.

We slowly walk down the stairs and I stop once I see Michael and Luke talking in hushed voices.

Are they talking about me?

I start to feel self cautious about myself.

Calum leads me over to them and they shut up as soon as we get close to them.

That's not a good sign.

"We're you talking about me?" It just comes out of my mouth before I can filter it.

They share a look and don't say anything I feel so attacked right now.

I see Calum about to go into the kitchen. "Cal? On second thought I'm not hungry." I say looking down at my fingers that are on my lap.

He comes back and gives me a confused look. "What why?"

I just shake my head. "M'not hungry that's all. Tired." I say as I look up at him. He shoots the other two a glare before helping me up.

We make our way towards the stairs and Calum says, "Let's get you laying down then. Been a long day."

I nod my head and we come up to my door and I freeze.

I turn to Calum panicking and he seems to catch on because he start trying to calm me down. "Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong? Calm down its okay."

I look at my bedroom door and shake my head.

I wrap my arms around him and hold him tightly. "No, no, no please don't make me sleep in there tonight. I don't want to be alone with him." I say to him and he rubs my head.

"Okay, okay. You can sleep with me tonight, how that sound? So you won't be alone." He says and I nod my head as he brings me back to his room.

He helps me in bed and makes sure I'm okay before turning the light off and leaving me with my tormenting thoughts.

I lay there thinking of everything that happened today and all my other homes I've been to.

When Ashton snapped at me it triggered something in me from my past.

I close my eyes and try to not think of him or anything from then.

I just want to sleep.

That's all I ask for.

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