Foster Care

Well life's been hell for Dakoda.

She's been in the system all her life, looking for the right place and people to adopt her and just all in all trying to find her place in the world.

Never did she think her place would be in a flat or touring the world with one of the biggest bands ever, even if she doesn't know who they are.....


11. "Because,"

Hey so if you read the little note from before then you know that I'm so sorry that I've taken forever to update anything really.

It's just I've had tons of shit to do. It's that time of the year where I get piled up with school work and house work and all that crap no one likes.

So here's the chapter and I hope you like it. I seriously will make the next chapter sooner then this one.....

Anywho, I'm gonna ask questions at the beginning of each chapter on my story's and to know that you've read this I want an answer lol.

Wow I sound like a bitch demanding an answer. I swear I'm not really like that.

Anyway question for this chapter is simple.

Who's your favourite 5 Seconds Of Summer member? :)

Love you guys!!

~ Abbigail

Koda's POV

I stand there smiling as I lightly touch my cheek where Ashton kissed it. Why does he have such a big effect one me? I'm not aloud to fall for the care takers. Do you know how badly that'll end?

Like, if I got into a relationship with Ashton or any of them for that natter and someone chose to adopt me?

Then I wouldn't be able to see the boys ever again, only on tv and hear them on the radio?

I can't let that happen... They've already made a huge impact on my life and if I leave them then my heart will be crushed.

I feel someone two my shoulder causing me to jump away from them. The guys got curly brown hair and green eyes. He puts his hands up.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you." He says and I notice he's got a thick accent.

Not the same as the boys.

I put a piece of lose hair behind my ear only for it to fall back again. "It's okay. You just scared me, I didn't know anyone else was in here." I tell him looking down.

He chuckles. "Right sorry again. Why are you in here alone to begin with of you don't mind me asking."

"Well, I'm not sure really...." I say looking down and fiddling with my fingers.

"Why don't you come hang out with my friends and me?" He says and I look up confused. "Like, I mean. Your here alone and being alone sucks, you don't have to if you don't want to." He rambles making me laugh lightly.

I place my hand on his arm to stop him from rambling anymore. "It's fine. I'm use to being alone but some company would be nice everyone once in a while."

He beams at me showing off some deep dimples. "I'm Harry."

I smile back. "I'm Dakoda. But most people call me Koda." I tell him as I follow him out of the room and down the hall.

"So why are you here?" I ask.

"We've got an interview after the first people." He says shrugging and I nod my head.

"So your famous also?" I ask and he stops and looks at me confused.

"Yeah. Have you heard of One Direction?" He says and we continue walking.

I slowly nod my head trying to think back. "I think someone mentioned them before. There a band right?" I ask.

He nods his head. "Not to be rude or anything but have you been living under a rock?" He chuckles.

"No I've been living in the system." I say and that shuts him up.

"Wait like fostering system?"

I sigh nodding my head slowly. "Yeah. My whole life."

We come to a random door and you can hear chatter and laughter from the other side and I bite my lip hesitating.

"Just warning you now, there crazy." Is all Harry says before opening the door and walking in with me following behind him.

I feel like a lost puppy.

When Harry shuts the door all eyes go to him then to me.

"Hello there." A guy says smiling warmly at me and I smile back giving a tiny wave.

"Lads this is Koda." Harry says putting a hand on the small of my back and pushing me forward a little bit.

"Hey." Another guy says grinning. He gets up and makes his way over to me and puts his hand out for me to shake. "I'm Louis."

I eye his hand and slowly take it in my smaller hand and he then pulls me into a hug makings me tense and slowly hug back. He pulls away a little but keeps his arms around my waist.

"Your not much of a talker are you?" He chuckles.

I slowly nod my head.

"Come sit! We don't bite." A different guy says patting the seat next to him, I walk slowly over and sit.

"Anyway, Koda that's Niall, Laim, Zayn and you met Louis." Harry says and I nod my head.

"Your really quiet." Niall says softly.


"Are you fan of us?" Louis asks and I shake my head and they all frown looking confused.

"Don't let it get you, she doesn't know who we are." Harry says and they nod there head but still look confused.

"Just, how?" Laim asks.

"She's been in the system all her life." Harry says.

"Well, how about we tell you our ages?" Zayn speaks up for the first time.

"Okay." I nod my head.

"Well I'm 21." Harry says.

"I'm 22." Zayn says.

"And I'm 23." Louis says winking at me and I chuckle.

Niall smiles at me. "I'm also 21. But I'm older then Harry."

"And I'm 21. Still older then Niall and Harry." Liam says chuckling.

I laugh lightly. "So how long have you guys been a band?" I ask.

"Sense 2010 on the X-Factor love. Have you seen it? The show?" Louis asks me and I shake my head.

"No sorry. I've literally have been living under a rock my whole life." I say sighing and frowning.

I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders and I look to meet the blue eyes of Niall.

"Hey it's okay. That means your minds not corrupted by everything in the social media." He says making me giggle and shake my head.

All of a sudden there's a knock at the door and it opens and Ashton comes in.

"Hey have you- oh hey." He changes what he was going to say once he sees me.

"Hey Ash. Oh this is Koda." Niall says gesturing to me and I chuckle.

Ashton nods his head not even fighting back a grin. "Right. Well the interviews over. You guys are going on after the guest that Tiffany surprises."

I get up making the One Direction boys look at me confused.

"What?" I ask.

"Where are you going?" Niall asks tilting his head to the side making him look adorable.

"The interviews over." I say.

"Yeah only Ashton's, not the whole show." Harry adds and I roll my eyes but smile.

"He's my ride." I say and they all look at Ashton who's scratching the back of his neck.

"We're kinda, fostering her." He says and they all look shocked.

"What, really?" Zayn says after a moment of silence.

Ashton nods his head wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

"Yep. Dakoda is staying with us for a while." Ashton says and I lean my head on his shoulder.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Koda." Louis says grinning and waves.

I wave bye to all the other boys as Ashton and me leave to go find the other boys.

"How did you meet Harry?" Ashton asks me, his arm around my shoulders still.

"I was just in the dressing room and he came in and started talking with me." I say and he moves his arms down to my waist.

"Oh did you know who he was at first?"

I shake my head. "Nope. I didn't know who any of them were till they introduced themselves to me."

"Do they know how old you are?" He stops and turns to me making me stop also.

"No why?"

"Because," is all he says before leaning down and catching my lips with his.

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