Best Friends with the Redheads

We all know George and Fred Weasleys story. Right? Maybe not. Meet Amber Chelsea, a witch in Fred and George's year. They become best friends, and along with Lee, cause mayhem at Hogwarts. Each adventure leads to another, strengthening their friendship and creating new bonds. And in the end... Who knew that one girl could change everything?


1. The train

Here it is. Platform 9 3/4. I have been waiting for this day for ever. My parents have told me so much about Hogwarts. You see, my parents are both wizards. Or, my dad is a wizard and my mom is a witch. They learned to control their magic at Hogwarts. And now I am too. Because I am a witch. 

     I grip my trolley tightly. I am by the entrance, it is a normal wall, and I have to run through it. 

     "Go on Amber," My Mom tells me. I begin to push the trolley, which is VERY heavy, probably from all my Zonkos stuff. AKA, my pranking kit. I break into a run and close my eyes as I go through the wall. I don't feel any impact. I open my eyes cautiously. I gasp. In front of me is a huge Scarlet train, and the platform is crowded with people. 

     "How was that?" My dad asks, coming from behind me.

     "Nerve racking" I say honestly. 

     We walk to the train and load my stuff up. Then is time to say good bye. "I'll miss you" I say as I hug each of my parents.

     "We'll miss you too" my mom says.

     "Don't forget to send letters," my dad ruffles my hair. 

     "I won't!" I say. I wave good bye and climb up the steps of the train. The inside is grand. It is a long narrow hall way leading into different compartments. I walk down the hall and peek in windows, trying to find an empty one. I look into one on the left and see two boys with flame red hair. One looks up and sees me and I quickly turn away and continue my hunt for a compartment. I finally find one near the end. I make myself comfortable and pull out my small note book from my pocket. I lean over, and with my tongue sticking out between my teeth, I jot down ideas for pranks.

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