Best Friends with the Redheads

We all know George and Fred Weasleys story. Right? Maybe not. Meet Amber Chelsea, a witch in Fred and George's year. They become best friends, and along with Lee, cause mayhem at Hogwarts. Each adventure leads to another, strengthening their friendship and creating new bonds. And in the end... Who knew that one girl could change everything?


17. The Exsploding Toilets

     We had been planning to blow toilets up for about a month now, its remarkable how much planning it takes. Its even more remarkable that Fred and George can sit still for that long.

     My anger is forgotten as they pull me down the dark corridors. They both hold me by an arm, Fred on my right and George on my left. I notice that Fred has the map, though he doesn't look down at it too often, I suppose he has it memorized by now.

     They lead me up to the fourth floor. We turn into a corridor I have never been in before, the muggle-studies corridor. Here the walls are covered by re-production of what I assume is Muggle-art. A screaming guy, a well dressed lady, and an explosion of colors. I look at them with mild amusement, they don't move.

     "Amazing isn't it?" Fred asks. He smiles when I nod.

     "Dad probably spent most of his time up here, eh Freddie?" George grins. I try to imagine Fred and Georges dad, they showed me a picture of their family once, spending all his free time up here.

     Fred and George release my arms and lead the way to the bathrooms. The section of wall surrounding the bathrooms looks just like the rest of Hogwarts, stony and magical.

     "We picked this bathroom so you could see the art-," George says.

     "-And we're also going to blow up the second floor bathrooms" Fred finishes.

     "Been busy have you?" I ask, they both grin sheepishly. They walk into the bathroom, the door staying open behind them. But I stop. I bite my lip. "This is uhh, the boys bathroom" I stammer.

     "Obviously" Fred roles his eyes.

     I flush bright red. "I'm not aloud in here" I say.

     Fred and George both turn around, their expressions both shocked and teasing. "Out of all the things you've done,-" George says,

     "-Setting fire to Quirrels turbin," Fred adds.

     "-Unleashing bees on the seventh years,-"

     "-Flooding the charms class.-"

     "-Stink bombing the corridors countless times-."

     "Really, we could continue on forever," Fred says.


     They both smirk identically at me. "You won't go into the boys bathroom!?" They finish in unison and I glare at them.

     "Well when you put it like that..."

     Fred walks up to me and pulls me into the bathroom. I stumble and regain my balance. "See it wasn't that hard, was it?" He grins.

     I frown and cross my arms. "You two are gits"

     George grins and pulls out the explosive fireworks. "You know you love us"


     "She sure is stubborn, isn't she Georgie?" Fred teases. He opens a stall and takes some fireworks from George.

     "I'm aloud to be" I huff. I also take some fire works and connect the silver wire to  a toilet.

     "At least she's not mad at us anymore."

     I take another firework. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotton that mad. You guys can do what ever you want with out me." I take a deep breath. "Its just you guys were my only friends, you and Lee."

     Fred pokes his head out of a stall, "Were?"

     "While I was mad at you I hung out with Angelina and Alicia." I role my eyes. "Your still my best friends though, nothing will ever change that."

     George goes to say something but I cut him off, "No, were over this, lets just blow up some toilets"

      The twins grin and we connect all the toilets to fireworks. "We have 30 seconds" Fred informs us. We run out of the bathroom. Before we reach the end of the colorful corridor, I stop the twins. "Lets watch" I say.

     As if on cue, there was a loud rumbling clanging. A small stream of water leaked from under the door.

     George pulls out his wand and grins. "Accio toilet seat." There was a screeching sound. The toilet seat suddenly shot through the door, leaving a decent sized hole. The seat flew into Georges hand and he smiled proudly.

     "I would congratulate you, but we better run," I say. The twins grinned at each other and we headed down the spiralling stairs.


     We blew up the second floor toilets with ease, Fred collected another toilet seat, one to hang up in the common room, and one to save as a memoir. The only thing that went wrong was showing up.

     "I knew it was you three!" He rasped. Mrs. Norris slinked between his feet. "We'll see what the Head Master has to say about this!"

     Filch lead us up to Dumbledores office. He said a password, (Lemon Drops) to a gargoyle, and it opened up too a room filled with winding silver objects. Dumbledore was reading a book behind his desk.

     "Good evening Argus," Dumbledore says, his blue eyes sparkling as he looks up from his book. "What brings you here?"

     "These three," Filch says, pushing us forward, "Were blowing up the second corridor toilets, and they also blew up the fourth corridor toilets."

     "In our defence sir, we have been wrongly accused, we succeeded in blowing up both the fourth floor and second floor boys toilets." I grin sheepishly. Beside me, both Fred and George try not to laugh.

     "I understand that Ms. Chelsea, but there is no reason to go bowing up all of Hogwarts toilets." Dumbledore says. He takes a role of parchment and a quill out. "A letter should be sent your parents-" At this Fred and Georges jaws dropped. "-And you will serve detention on Thursday and Friday."

     "Sir, shouldn't there be house points taken off?" Filch pressed. He smiled like a greedy child.

     "I was getting there Argus," Dumbledore says, "20 points from Gryffindor, 10 for each bathroom you blew up."

     Filchs smile dropped, clearly he was hoping for more. We were herded back to the Gryffindor common room.

     When the portrait closed, I headed for the scarlet sofa. I flopped down and Fred and George sat beside me. "When you think about it, we got off easy, only two detentions and 20 house points" I say.

     "I'm not worried about those" Fred sighs.

     "Yah, Its the letter to Mum, she just about freaked when we set Quirrels turban on fire" George says just as glumly.

     "Cheer up you two," I say smiling. "My parents are getting letters too, remember? It can't be that bad, can it?"




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