Best Friends with the Redheads

We all know George and Fred Weasleys story. Right? Maybe not. Meet Amber Chelsea, a witch in Fred and George's year. They become best friends, and along with Lee, cause mayhem at Hogwarts. Each adventure leads to another, strengthening their friendship and creating new bonds. And in the end... Who knew that one girl could change everything?


23. That Cat...

     Christmas holidays finished with a flourish. And by a flourish I mean another big snowball fight. School resumed as normal. Normal... Which means hard transfiguring, torturous potions, and pranking Prefects.

     The easiest way to prank Prefects is to ambush them at their special bathroom. The Prefects get their own bathroom, with a special password and everything. Rumor has it that there are even special taps...

      "Owe! Lee!" I complain as I rub my sore foot. Lee steps forward apologetically. The git stepped on my foot.

     "Sorry" he says. We just reach the doorway to the Prefects bathroom. For a bathroom door it looks elegant and fancy. I just about gag.

     George walks to the door and says, "Cornpuff"

     Fred snorts. "What did you think was going to happen?"

     "Well dear brother" George jokes. "I thought that since Prefects follow rules like a bunch of zombies, their password would be stupid"

     I role my eyes. "Sure George, that's what they all say"

     "Don't be rude Amber," George chides.

     "I don't  think we'll be able to get in," Fred says. "The password could be anything."

     "So we just set up a prank here?" Lee asks.

      Fred nods and takes out his wand. "What should it be today?"

     "We could cast a charm so that every time someone walks through the door their nose appears big for half an hour." I suggest.

      "They already have big noses" George says.

      "Yes, but we could prove the point. You mean big noses metaphorically" I point out. Prefects are always sticking their big noses into things, I think that's what George meant.

     "Sounds good to me." Lee yawns, taking out his wand. "What kind of charm would that take?"

     "We did the enlargement charm before," Fred says. "And George and I read a book on how to position spells."

     "But do you know how to do it? " I ask.

     George shrugs. "We can do the beginner charm,-"

     Fred adds on to his sentence. "-Besides, we can always do another prank."

     "Lets try this one first." I say.

     Lee points to the top corner of the door. "We can point the charm from that corner, around average Prefect height"

     "Is there ever an average?" George asks. "There could be Prefects walking around with big eyes because their shorter."

     "Its not going to hurt them." Fred says. "It'll just be really funny."

     "Why don't we just set up a few charms?" I add in. "Point them at different places and hope we get lucky."

      The boys agree. George tries to teach Lee the charm and Fred is showing me.

     Fred holds his wand almost at an angle. "You need to swish your hand, kinda swiftly." He instructs. "And where your wand points is where the spell will end up. The angle of your wand is the angle of your spell."

     "Okay" I say, moving my hand.

     Fred points his wand at the door and says, "Comprition," There is a glow of yellow light on the door frame and I assume the spell is in place.

      I point my wand just beneath where Freds spell hit and mutter, "Comprition" There is the yellow light and Fred grins at me.

     "The student becomes the master" He says.

     I smile widely. "Oh Freddie, I was always the master."

     "Oi Fred!" George calls. "A little help over here, Lee can seem to get it at all."

     Fred goes to help Lee and I sit against the wall. The twins start bickering with Lee about the right way to hold a wand.

     "Really?" I ask, yawning. I just close my eyes when I hear a rage filled "Meow."

     I stand up quickly, peering down the corridor. Sure enough, I just spot that stupid cat running down the hall. "Guys we got to go, Filch will be coming."

     The boys stop bickering. George pulls the map from his pocket. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." He mutters. George scans the map quick, his eyes widen. "Nearest tunnel is down the hall, run!"

     We leave the entry to the Prefects bathroom at a full sprint. We're close to the portrait that opens to a tunnel when Filch jumps out of the shadows. "In trouble again?" He smiles crookedly.

     Looks like we're in for more detentions.




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