Best Friends with the Redheads

We all know George and Fred Weasleys story. Right? Maybe not. Meet Amber Chelsea, a witch in Fred and George's year. They become best friends, and along with Lee, cause mayhem at Hogwarts. Each adventure leads to another, strengthening their friendship and creating new bonds. And in the end... Who knew that one girl could change everything?


24. Pranking and Grades Are Not The Same

I guess we got off easy. With only three detentions. As far as Filch knows, we were just out of bed past curfew, not pranking anyone.

     That just makes our prank even funnier, almost all the Prefects were running around with overly sized facial features. And the only ones who noticed where the ones who looked in the mirror constantly.

     I'm pretty sure Filch suspects we had something to do with the mangled Prefects. Thankfully though, Filch suspects us for everything, even if its as simple as a fallen book. On second thought...maybe its not such a good thing Filch hates us. It sure makes pranking harder. At least we have the map.


     "Soooo...." I say, the boys and I are at the Great Hall, waiting for the food to appear. "Do you all remember what next class is?"

     Fred and George laugh at me. "Do you honestly not know?" Fred asks.

      "Its as if you were up late last night" George finishes.

      I kick them both under the table, sending them each a death glare. "I was you baffoons. You kept me up so we could loot the kitchens!"

     "All in good times Ames" Fred grins.

      "We have potions next" Lee says.

     "Thank you!" I say. "Why are you so helpful?"

     "Maybe I'm tired too." Lee mumbles.

     I shrug. "Okay then." I hear a flurry of flapping and  look up to see the daily owls flying bye. I spot my families  owl Tanner. Tanner is an old brown barn owl, with lots of attitude. As soon as he drops a letter in front of me I give him a reward, in fear that he'll nip my fingers. He flies away almost immediately.

     "Who's it from?" George asks, gesturing to the letter.

     "Just my parents." I open my letter and begin reading.


     Dear Amber,

      We both miss you dearly, and hope your Christmas was a pleasant one. We hope your enjoying the school year and know that we are proud of you, our smart little girl. Lots of love, Mum and Dad.


      I wrinkle my nose and stuff the piece of paper into my pocket. 'Smart little girl', as if! I suck at most subjects, asides from charms and some parts of transfiguration. I'm pretty sure I'm failing potions... and it doesn't help that we have  an assignment today.


      I stay quiet for the rest of lunch. I can't help but feel bad about my lack of great grades. Sure I'm not the only one, Fred, George, Lee and I are always so busy pranking...

     I shake myself mentally and we head to potions. Lee forgets his books, so we all walk in late. "10 points from Gryffindor" Snape sneers at us.

     I get paired up with George and we get a corner table. I wipe out my mucky cauldron and send George to get all the ingredients for the assigned potion. I open my book to the right page and stare at the instructions. "Boil a third C of water at exactly 79.6 degrees...." I say out loud. I bite my lip and fill the cauldron part way with water. George comes back with the ingredients and I lay them out in an orderly fashion.

     "What's gotten into you?" George asks as I start a fire underneath my cauldron.  

     "Hmm?" I look up. "Nothing."

     George shrugs. "Sure" He grabs a knife and sloppily cuts a piece of algae sponge stick.

     "George! Careful!" I say loudly. "It says in the book that the cuts should be even!"

     "Why do you care?" George questions.

     I cross my arms. "Maybe we should get a good mark in this class for once."

     George just shakes his head in disbelief and goes with it. "You must be sick." He says.


     Despite our hard work on the potion, it turned out almost no better than usual. It smelled like raw eggs and looked like liquid mold. The rest of my day was just as crappy, and I was bone tired by the end of last class.

     I've decided that the best way to get better grades is to study like a fanatic. As soon as I enter the common room I spread out all my books on a table and get ready for hours of boredom. Its Thursday, so I'll have to go to that star gazing class at 12:00. Astromenly, Astrolegy- Ah oh whatever. My brain hurts enough without having to remember exactly what its called.

     "What on earth do you think your doing?" A voice behind me asks. I looked behind my shoulder to see Fred, George and Lee. It was Lee who spoke.

      Fred picks up one of my books and reads the cover. "History of Magic?" He asks, "Potions... are you studying?"

     "Yes I am" I answer shortly.


     "Because my grades aren't good enough, a few hours of the books will do me good."  I say.

     George laughs. "Your grades are fine, your just wasting your time."

     "Go away, can't you all see I'm busy." I mumble.

      "Okay," Lee says.

      "Have fun studying." The twins chorus. They leave me alone.

      I turn back to my books and sigh. How fun.


     I was okay for an hour. I went over the stuff I didn't pay attention too. Then I started to get annoyed. And then bored. And then it came to the point where I was banging my head on the table. The final act of my studying was falling asleep on my papers.

     "Amber!" Somebody says my name and I shoot awake. There stood the twins and Lee, all three of them laughing at me. "Have a nice nap?" Fred laughs.

     "Uh, yes." I say, rubbing my sleep tired eyes.

      "Well come on, its time for class." Lee says.

     We head out into the corridors with the rest of the Gryffindor first years. "I'll never try to study again," I admit, out of the blue.

     "Didn't we try to get you out of it?" George bugs.

     "Yah, yah whatever."

     "Why did you study in the first place?" Fred asks.

       I sigh and decide to answer truthfully. "My parents think I'm smart." I say, looking down. "And my grades just prove them wrong."

     We walk for half a minuet in silence. "Would you call us stupid?" Fred asks.

     "Depends on what you've done," I shrug. "But no, your not stupid."

     George catches onto his twins idea. "Exactly. Your probably doing better than us, and if we aren't stupid, you aren't. Our talents lie else where."

     "I suppose you right." I say, and I smile. "I've learned my lesson, no more non-needed studying."

     "Good," Lee grins. "We just about died laughing, watching you try the first time."

     I punch Lee in the arm. "Git." But I'm laughing like the rest of them.

     I don't need to be smart in everything. Pranking's good enough for me.




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