Best Friends with the Redheads

We all know George and Fred Weasleys story. Right? Maybe not. Meet Amber Chelsea, a witch in Fred and George's year. They become best friends, and along with Lee, cause mayhem at Hogwarts. Each adventure leads to another, strengthening their friendship and creating new bonds. And in the end... Who knew that one girl could change everything?


7. Prank

We sneak out of the common room. Its not that hard when everyone is asleep. The Fat Lady barely glances at us, before turning again to socialize with one of her visiting friends. Its quiet exept for the tap of our feet and the rubbing sound of a bag George is carrying. "What do you guys have planned?" I whisper.

     Fred turns around and grins. "Just some classic hovering water ballons."

     Fred and George lead the way down the twisting hallways. They seem to know the castle very well for first years.

     We get to a curvy hallway. "We can start here," George says. He swings his bag down and opens it up. He pulls out countless balloons.

     Lee picks one up and examines it. "I've never seen these before." He says.

     "They are just some ballons that we jinxed." Fred says pulling out his wand. He picks up a balloon.

     "Dad has a whole bunch of these. A balloon is a type of muggle thing." George says, finishing Freds thought.

     "Aguamenti" Fred says, his wand pointed at the opening of the balloon. Fred ties it up and sets it on the floor. "We should make a pile first,"

    "Simple enough." I say. I pick up a red balloon and repeat the process. We fill balloon after ballon, untill we have a decent sized pile.

     George picks up a filled balloon and points his wand at it. "Hovez" The balloon jerks up and he clutches at it. He reaches into the middle of the hallway and lets go. The balloon rises and bumps against the roof. It wiggles for a second, then becomes still.

     "You probably don't want to walk under them," Fred says, enchanting a blue balloon. "They have motion detection to fall on the person who walks under them."

     "Awesome" Lee says.

     We buisy ourselves with the balloons. We stager them around the near by hallways. Lee comes up with the idea to leave extras near the Slytherin entrance.

     I let go of my last balloon. Somewhere in a distance a yowl rings out. I stiffle a laugh. "Mrs. Moris!"

     All ready Fred and George are cleaning up. I hear fast foot steps and splashes. George picks up the back pack. "Quick!" He rushes, smiling.

     We run down the hallways. I smile broadly. We have to take a diffrent rought, so we don't set off some of the balloons.

     Finally, we get to the Fat Lady. "Treckle Tarts!" I gasp out. The Fat Lady swings open. We stumble into the common room, laughing madly. I head for the girls dormentary. Halfway up the stairs I turn around. I turn around and bow. "Have a good night, my fellow pranksters." And with that I enter the girls dormentarys.


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