Best Friends with the Redheads

We all know George and Fred Weasleys story. Right? Maybe not. Meet Amber Chelsea, a witch in Fred and George's year. They become best friends, and along with Lee, cause mayhem at Hogwarts. Each adventure leads to another, strengthening their friendship and creating new bonds. And in the end... Who knew that one girl could change everything?


22. Christmas Camp Out

     I sigh in relief as we walk back into Hogwarts, shivering with cold and covered in snow. Our pranking took up most of the day, and we were joined by Peeves, who decided to drop buckets of snow on unlucky victims. The snowball fight lasted for hours, and we had many people joined in, most of them mad at us. Who knew that Prefects got so mad when you pelted them with snow?

     Fred, George, Lee and I all make our way down the corridors, leaving a small trail of melted snow. We don't take any secret passages, the trail of snow would lead Filch right to us. When we reach the Fat Lady I say, "Why don't we all camp out in the common room?" The Fat Lady looks at us, waiting for the password.

      "Pumpkin Juice" Lee says. We enter the Gryffindor house.

     "Why?" Fred asks.

     "So we can all spend Christmas eve together" I say, taking off my wet boots so I don't get the carpet wet.

     "That sounds awfully cheesy" George says in a teasing manner.

     I groan. "All right, all right! I don't want to be alone, you three all share a dormitory and the other girls left!"

     Lee starts laughing and I glare at him dangerously. "Awe! Poor Ickel Amber!"

     "Its not that bad of an idea." Fred says. "I don't see why not"

     "Thank you" I sigh. "At least one of you aren't teasing me"

     "You would do the same" George says.

     I shrug. "True," I look at them with big eyes. "Please camp out in the common room with me,"

     Lee looks at Fred and George. "I will if you guys are"

     "I all ready said it wasn't that bad of an idea" Fred shrugs.

     "Sure" Is all George says. I smile widely.

     "Great! We'll have to get blankets and stuff," I say happily. "I asked a Prefect earlier in the week and she said that the elves deliver the presents, so we don't have to worry about that."

     "S-sleeping on the floor?" Lee stutters. He looks dumbfounded.

     "What part of 'camp-out' didn't you understand?" George rolls his eyes.

     "I guess we could sleep on the arm-chairs and couches, but that kind of seems like cheating." Fred points out.

     Lee mumbles something under his breath. I leave the boys in the common room and enter the girls dormitories. I change out of my wet snow suit and into some warm, blue PJs. I take the blankets off my bed and carry them out into the common room. I drop them near the fire place and go back for my pillow. Just as I'm walking entering the common room for the second time I see Fred trip over the dangling blankets in his arms.

     Fred trips down the stairs and with a loud "OOF" he falls on the ground. George appears in the door way to the boys dormitories and is laughing. I join in and Freds face turns red like his hair. "I meant to do that" Fred says getting up.

     "Sure you did" George laughs. Fred picks up his blankets and brings them over to the fire place. George disappears through the door and comes back moments later, carrying his blankets. "Nice PJs" George says.

     "Thanks." I say sarcastically. "So where is Lee?"

     As if on que, Lee hauls his blankets over to the fire place too. The boys go to change and get their pillows, leaving me alone again. I lay my blankets out nicely, not the heap they were in before. When the boys come out again, George has the map. I raise my eyebrows and George grins. "We're going to go get some food"

     "Of course you are" I sigh. "All three of you?"

     "You can come if you want" Lee speaks up.

     "Nope, I'm tired" To make my point I flop onto my make-shift bed. "Make sure you bring some cake for me"

     "Don't worry, we will" Fred promises. They sneak out into the hall way.

     I put my pillow over my head and zone off.



     "You think she's sleeping?" I hear George ask when they get back. My head is still under the pillow and I roll my eyes.

     "If she is I'm eating her cake" Fred says. I hear them sit down.

     "Don't you dare eat my cake" I grumble. I move my pillow and sit up. There is a plate full of Christmas shaped cookies and four plates of cake. I snatch one and moan. "You didn't bring any forks, did you?"

     "Oops" Lee says. "Guess we'll have to eat with our hands.

     "No kidding"

     We dig into the goodies and tell stories of previous Christmases. We stay up late into the night, and only fall asleep when our eyes can barely stay open.



     "Christmas!" Fred yells. "Wake up!"

     I open my sleep heavy eyes to piles of brightly wrapped presents and a dying fire.

     "Five more minuets" Lee grumbles. George sits up and smiles excitedly.

     I sit up and brush my tanged hair out of my face. "Lee if you don't get up I'll get all your presents."

     That got him moving. Lee bolts up. "No way"

     Four piles of presents sat at the ends of our blankets. George is the first to dig through his pile. He pulls out a lumpy package. "We should have known, hey Fred?"

     Fred pulls out an identical package. Confused, I look through my pile. Sure enough, there is a lumpy package.

     Fred and George both look amused. Lee also pulls out a lumpy package. "These are from our mum" Fred says.

     George nods. "She makes them for everyone."

     I open the package and unfold a teal hand knitted jumper. Lee opens his to find a light brown jumper. Fred and Georges jumpers are red, one with a capital F and the other a G. I pull my jumper over my head, "Its amazing" I say.

     The others also put on their jumpers. I rummage through my pile again and find a package from my parents. I unwrap it to find a wizard camera. "Hey, lets take a picture!" I suggest. The boys look up from unwrapping their presents.

     "Sure" Fred says. George and Lee nod. I climb over the blankets and hold out the camera so its facing us. We smile and I snap the picture. The picture prints out. Us in the picture are smiling moving around.

     "That's so cool" Lee says. I set the picture aside and we continue unwrapping presents. From Angelina, and Alicia I get a box of chocolate frogs, from Lee a sugar quill. From Fred and George I get a magic fireworks set.

     Fred, George and Lee seem to like their presents. I got them each spelling quills and multiple Zonkos products. After opening presents we clean up our Christmas camp and head down to breakfast. I'm careful to walk behind the boys, just in case the mistletoe is still up.

     The Great Hall is decorated with snowflakes and a huge Christmas tree. There is only one table, filled with both staff and students. Some one must have heard Georges complaint about not having dessert, because the table is lined with pastry's and normal breakfast stuff. Odd knickknacks are found in the food and the table is lively, as if Christmas has cheered everyone up by the billion. Or maybe its because they managed to avoid our pranks.

     We spend the day trying out our new stuff and having snowball fights. I take quiet a few pictures, I plan on starting a photo album. Even though I grew up in the wizarding world the moving pictures still amaze me.

     Even the teachers join in the snow ball fight, or most of them. Snape didn't, but that's probably a good thing.

     At 1:00 all of our Christmas bells start singing Christmas carols and the world couldn't be better.

     Best. Christmas. Ever.


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