Through the Darkness

A collection of poems detailing the depths and despair that accompany a demon known as depression


2. Tragically Broken

The mirror is shattered like my broken heart
Shredded, torn, and ripped apart

Tears like glass escape from these eyes
Seemingly believing so many lies

The confines of this soul are painfully opaque
Held together by inevitable restraints

Dreams have been crushed and left to fade
It’s difficult to see past this whole charade

Faith is dying and hope has disappeared
The hurt is more immense than I feared

I have been engulfed in a rapture of flames
Holding my breath to remain sane

Vision is clouded and warped in the mirror
With every remark, the edge grows near

Envisioning the red river brings peace to my soul
Some way to fill the gaping hole

An attempt to claw out of the pit leads nowhere
The lies twisted and intertwined with despair

Reaching for the light with crippled hands
Collapsed figures around the rim stand

I cannot decipher the faces or the contorted grins
Reminiscent of could-bes and might-have-beens

Trust lays waiting in the shadows to be exposed
Shimmering and alit, perfectly posed

It lures me in, wanting desperately to have belief
Only leading to more agonizing grief

Truth can’t be found and I can’t escape
Silently suffering in my own chosen fate

For many moons, I’ve suffered within my own mind
Wishing that to my own image I was blind

So many rules in this sick tangled lattice
Failing to achieve perfection status

Living alone in a damaged vice
Mangled and bruised, paying the price

The mirror is shattered like my broken heart
Calling out to invisible faces as they depart

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