Through the Darkness

A collection of poems detailing the depths and despair that accompany a demon known as depression


1. Nothing

Sitting alone in a vast wasteland of nothingness

I see nothing

I hear nothing

There is nothing

I cannot feel the painful breaking of my heart

Nor the burning tears

All I feel is loneliness

There is nothing to save me

Nothing to help me

I have nothing to hold onto

And nothing wants to hold onto me

I am worthless 

Life has sucked me in

And, realizing I am nothing, 

Spit me back out

I am sick of life

All its games

Its tricks

Its games

It feels like I'm stumbling through the dark

With a blindfold on

Everything good

I always bad

Life hates me

And as it tries to get rid of me

I wish I could get rid of myself

But I won't

I will sit alone

Waiting for the world to spin

To turn

To change into something

Into anything

Besides nothing

For as I wait

I hope to have my blindfold pulled off

And for something

Anything of hope

To emerge from the darkness

To save me

From the pain 

The sadness

The hurt

That is slowly beginning to creep its way into me

Allowing me to feel

The things I don't want to feel

But nothing happens

Nothing emerges

Nothing changes

Nothing saves me

And alone I still sit

In a vast world of nothingness




For someone to save me

Hug me

Show me the way

But it won't happen


And so I continue 

To pretend to be

Even though I am not

Since I am simply

A person

Of nothing

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