Demon Passion

Davion Daitron who is a demon is going to a new high school in London called Cambridge high school. In the past Davion loved a girl who he meet 12 years ago. They were really great friends till one day she had to go to London for a business her parents were working on. At London Davion runs into Yui the girl he loves and tries to see if she remembers him or not ..


7. What is Love

"Hana..." I said wanting to ask a question.

"Yea??"answered Hana

What does it mean to love someone? Since your a girl and girls know about that stuff." I said while we were walking to put our home shoes in our locker and putting on our school shoes.

"Well..." Hana was trying to find a way to put it simply.

*Maria's POV*

"Oh look HI DAV-..!" I said shutting my mouth pulling Yui behind the lockers.

"H-hey!" Said Yui raising her voice

"Shhh!" I said whispering

"What?"said Yui whispering

"Look at Davion and Hana looks like something I wanna know." I said trying to listen

"Hey its bad eavesdropping." Yui insisted to leave

*back to Davion's POV*

"Well.." Said Hana

"Im waiting..." I said standing there for a response.

"Being loved or loving someone is when you have special feelings for them for example your mom loves your dad. Your mom has special feelings for him that makes her treat him different from people and wants to be perfect for him. Do you see where I'm going?" Hana was explaining it to me slow. I just noticed Maria and Yui are eavesdropping again. I looked at the spot they were hiding.

*Maria's POV*

"Davion is asking Hana what love means.." I said confused why he was asking.

"M-Maria i think Davion knows were eavesdropping again ..." Said Yui a bit guilty

"Why do you ask Yui?" I said

"H-he's glaring over here and he's coming!" Yui whispered

I turned too look he looks like a wolf about to hunt down its next prey.

"Run!" Mi whispered to Yui

We both ran away.

*back to Davion's POV*

The ran away...

"We better head to class Davion." Hana said

"Y-yea.." I said

*school lunch bell rings*

"Ugh....I lost the paper rock scissors game and now I have to buy them lunch. Tsk rip off.." I said a bit mad.

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