Demon Passion

Davion Daitron who is a demon is going to a new high school in London called Cambridge high school. In the past Davion loved a girl who he meet 12 years ago. They were really great friends till one day she had to go to London for a business her parents were working on. At London Davion runs into Yui the girl he loves and tries to see if she remembers him or not ..


5. Warm Welcome

"Drake! Do you have the shadow blade?!" I said scratching my head

"Yea here." Said Drake coming to my door handing my sword to me

"Hey..T-Than-...ks?!" I said while I tried turning around

"Davion!! Why did you stab him Ethan!! said Drake yelling

"I'm back!! Aww no welcoming party? How rude.." said Ethan in sarcasm like always. This is how he says hello to me.(by stabbing me) last time he beat the crap out of me.

"What's with the yelling?!" Said Hana running into the room

"Tsk!..s-same old geezer.." I said trying to remove the sword

"Davion!! Your bleeding!" Hana yelled running to me

"Don't worry about him he'll be fine now wheres your father." said Ethan smiling at me

"Hana don't worry this is how he always says hello.." I said pissed at him. I removed the sword and threw it back at him.

"B-But Davion your bleeding!!" Said Hana worried and scared

"Don't worry I said were demons remember we heal fast see." I said sighing.

"Don't scare me like that." Said Hana whining,

We all walked to the living room.

"Oh I see ! Welcome Ethan! Long time no see!" Said Dad.

"Thank you how are you?" Said Ethan.

"I'm good I see you gave a quite surprised to Davion." Dad laughed.

"Tsk..he'll pay for it. This was a very valuable shirt." I said mad .

" Hana lets get ready we got school." I said going to my room.

"Ok!" Said Hana going to her room.

I changed I put my uniform summer shirt and my school vest. After I change I did my hair and check if I had everything to go.

*Hana's POV*

"I'll put thigh socks on." I thought

I put my socks on and buttoned up my uniform shirt. I put on my yellow vest that matches with Davion's. I did my make up and curled the tips of my hair. I like how my is light brown almost kaki and Carmel mixed. Put my bow on my neck and grabs my things which I check if everything's was there.

"Ok I'm done!" I whispered to myself

I walked towards the limo Davion was waiting for me. We entered the car and set our stuff down. We didn't speak at all.

"Were here Malady and Young master" said Jake polite.

"Thank you Jake." We both said as we closed our doors.





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