Demon Passion

Davion Daitron who is a demon is going to a new high school in London called Cambridge high school. In the past Davion loved a girl who he meet 12 years ago. They were really great friends till one day she had to go to London for a business her parents were working on. At London Davion runs into Yui the girl he loves and tries to see if she remembers him or not ..


12. Upsetting story

*Ruji's POV* 

I saw Yui running crying. I stopped Yui and asked her whats wrong.

"Yui whats wrong!" I asked her

"I saw Davion kissing Mei!" said Yui crying and upset more like depressed I would say. She ran to the classroom and it was dark out already. Thats when I saw Davion running to me.

*Main POV*

"RUJI!! WHERES YUI!?" I said upset wanting to talk to her.

"Shes going to the classroom! Whats wrong!" asked Ruji

"Mei kissed me and confessed to me. When she kissed me Yui saw.. than she ran off. I rejected Mei because when she asked me to go out with her I thought of Yui. I can't stop thinking about her. I'm going to the classroom." I shouted to Ruji already going to the classroom. It took me awhile to get up the stairs since the classroom was at the third floor. Even so I kept running to go see her.

I opened the door where Yui was ...I saw Yui crying. She look at me and started packing her things.

"YUI! hear me out!' I shouted from the door not moving further.

She stopped and stayed. I could tell she was going to hear me out.

"When you saw me and Mei kiss. She confessed to me and I was surprised that she did I never thought of her confessing to me. Then she kissed me. That's when you saw us. When I saw you ran. I had rejected Mei because I only thought of you which made me upset." i said telling her what happened.

"I heard from Ruji everything.." said Yui

"So she heard from Ruji about the past huh?...... " I thought in my head.

"Im sorry when he told me I remembered everything! I don't know how I forgot about you." said Yui feeling guilty.

I started to shed tears without knowing it. I fell down to my knees.

"I've loved you ever since I was 6 that when I meet you...." I said crying.

I saw that Yui came up to me and she hugged me.

"I love you too Davion." she said .

I pushed her away and kissed her. Then I hugged her.

"Please go out with me.." I asked her

"Yes!" said Yui..


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