Demon Passion

Davion Daitron who is a demon is going to a new high school in London called Cambridge high school. In the past Davion loved a girl who he meet 12 years ago. They were really great friends till one day she had to go to London for a business her parents were working on. At London Davion runs into Yui the girl he loves and tries to see if she remembers him or not ..


9. A Day Before Valentines

Ever since I meet Mei Makatsu I've been not my self. I have a bad feeling about this.

"Drake!" I yelled out

"Yes? Davion." Said Drake

"Do you know Mei Makatsu?" I asked

"Yes I do she's a demon who is an assassinator." Said Drake

"I see ..we became friends yesterday.." I said

"Go to sleep.." Said Drake throwing a pillow at me.

*At school*

"Alright class Maria Matsu ,Davion Daitron, Ruji Frances and Yui Nakame you guys will be helping out in the cafe room in classroom 1-3" said Mr.Nakamishi

After he told the class who's going to participate where after that we went to our assigned classrooms we chose to be in.

"Hello were here to help out in this cafe." I said speaking for the others.

"Ahh Davion!" Said Mei

"Oh hey Mei .."I said kinda shy

"Can you and Ruji be the butlers while we make the food and drinks?" She asked

"Yea why not ill get customers. Right Ruji?" I said

"Yea lets go change Davion." Said Ruji while we went to go change into our butler suits.

*Mei's POV*

"Yui can you make the small cakes please?" I asked politely.

"Yes I can." Smiles Yui excited.

"Maria can you make the smoothies!" I said

"I course I can thats my specialty!" Said Maria excited

*Davion's POV*

"Were done!" I said walking by Ruji's side putting my hand on my forehead.

"How do we look?" Said Ruji

All the girls stared in silence and after awhile the bursts out in excitement over us.

"Oh my god! You guys look so hot!" Said a groups of girls

"Hey they can attract customers!" Said Maria

"Ok lets go get some customers Ruji!" I said pumped up

A group of ladies were walking past our classroom they are people coming to see the schools festival.

"Welcome Maladies.Care to help yourself for a coffee at this cafe." I said passionately and kind

"Oh my .." Said the ladies

"He's cute. We should go." Said one of the girls

"Ok we'll go." They said smiling

"Right this way." I lead them to there sits

"Here you go. your menu. If you would like I can give you my favorite in the spot." I said flirting

"I would like a smoothie please." Said the first girl

"And I would like some soda please." The second one said

"Would you like some cakes with that?" I asked kindly

"Oh yes please!" They both said




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